How to Turn On a Promethean Projector Without Remote?

Are you devastated about losing your Promethean projector’s remote? Well, you are devastated for the right reason. Undoubtedly, it’s pretty hard to find a replacement. However, the good news is even if you could not find the original remote or replacement, the Promethean projector can still be turned on and used.

Is it too good to be true but it’s “actually” true? Want to know how you can do it without a remote? Here’s how;

How to Turn on the Promethean Projector without a Remote?

The Promethean projector users have found a few ways to turn it on without a remote. You can turn the projector on by using the

  • Manual power button
  • Power cord
  • Switch

Turning the Promethean projector on by manual power button

The manual power button is the surest and the easiest way to turn on the Promethean projector without a remote. To go ahead with the plan, you first have to examine the projector thoroughly and locate the power button.

Once you have located the power button, press it to turn the Promethean projector on.

Keep in mind that the Promethean projector would take a few seconds to turn on, do not get impatient and keep pressing the power button over and over again. Just hold on.

Turning the Promethean projector on by power cord

The Promethean projector can also be turned on by the power cord. To turn on the projector this way, all you need is a reliable power source.

Now take the Promethean projector’s power cord and plug in a reliable power source.

The best part of this method is that you do not need to do anything as you already have a bunch of reliable power sources and know where the Promethean projector’s power cord is. So, go ahead grab the power cord, and plug it in to get done with the plan.

Turning the Promethean projector on by switch

A few projectors including Promethean have a switch to turn on and turn off the device.

The Promethean projector that you use may or may not have a switch, if it has got a switch your job has gotten easier.

All you have to do is turn it on, the Promethean projector would show content in a few seconds. However, if your Promethean projector does not come with a power on/off switch you have to use any of the above-stated methods to turn it on without a remote.

If the projector does not get turned on

All of the above-stated methods work. If still the projector does not get turned on, The batteries are not installed properly. You have to check the battery and reinstall it well. The projector would surely begin working.


In brief, If you have lost the Promethean projector remote or are challenging yourself to turn it on without a remote, you can use the power button, power cord, or switch. Press the power button, plug in the power cord, or turn on the Promethean projector with the power-on switch.

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