Difference Between Tapped Horn vs Folded Horn vs Super Scoop Subwoofer

Horn and Scoop subwoofers are a great way to add an extra bass element to your home theater setup.

But what is the main difference between Tapped Horn vs Folded Horn vs Super Scoop Subwoofer?

The main distinction between the three is in their size, design, and efficiency. Folded Horn and Tapped horn have similar output efficiency with different enclosure sizes. Super scoop subwoofers, on the other hand, come with better bass production even in their compact size.

Curious to know more about the horn subwoofers and super scoop subwoofers? Let’s dive right into the article.

Difference Between Tapped Horn vs Folded Horn vs Super Scoop Subwoofer

Before moving onto the detailed discussion, here is an overview of the main differences between them-

FeaturesTapped horn SubwooferFolded hornSubwooferSuper Scoop Subwoofer
SizeCompact SizeLarger than Tapped Horn Bigger than other two
EfficiencyHigh Similar to Tapped HornHighest
DistortionLowLowComparably High
Enclosure SizeSmallerLargeMedium
CostLess than FoldedExpensiveLess than Folded
Difficulty levelAdvancedAdvancedMid Level

Tapped Horn vs Folded Horn vs Super Scoop Subwoofer: A Detailed Discussion!

Previously, when amp power was extremely constrained, it was crucial to make the most of each watt. Horns can function as an impedance transformer as well as a pattern control device if they are large enough.

This resulted in having bigger horns, hence the classical folded horns are so huge. Other than this, the tapped horn and the folded horn share most of the same characteristics. But let’s check out how they differ from super scoop subwoofers.


Compared to the other two, super scoop subwoofers are more effective. With comparatively little power input, they can generate loud sounds. The Tapped horn is the more efficient of the two Horn subwoofers.

Super scoops can accurately reproduce music thanks to their flat frequency response. But they can, however, generate a lot of distortion as well, especially at higher volume settings.

In contrast to super scoop subwoofers, tapped and folded horn subwoofers need more power to generate the same amount of sound. Without enough power, these subwoofers run the risk of producing muffled sounds.

However, horn-loaded subwoofers offer greater dispersion qualities and lower distortion, allowing them to emit sound more uniformly throughout the space.

And between the two Horn subwoofers, the Tapped horn is regarded as more efficient as they have the same output as Folded horn even with its smaller enclosure.


Folded horn is the biggest of these three subwoofers. The tapped horn comes second in size, making super scoop the most compact subwoofer out of the three.

There are three different sizes available for the folded horn subwoofer. Small subs are 15 inches, medium subs are 18 inches, and large subs are a monstrous 21 inches.

Super scoops and Tapped horn subwoofers are relatively compact in size. Tapped horns are constructed similarly to a scoop.

But they can offer a deep extension in a short space due to their high-frequency interference modes. This causes noticeable ripples at the top end of the passband.

Design & Cost:

Super Scoop Subwoofer
Source: grabcad

The most challenging of the three is the folded horn because of its unique shape. But, the Super scoop may be more expensive to make due to the unique components required

Any beginner will find it challenging to design these subwoofers. Depending on the requirements and components chosen, the cost of materials for a DIY horn or scoop subwoofer project could range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Subwoofer drivers, enclosure wood, screws, glue, and any more required parts could all be included in the cost of the materials. The price can differ significantly based on the brand and type if you decide to buy a pre-made cabinet. 

Sound Quality:

Tapped horn and folded horn come with distinct bass whereas the super scoop subwoofers have signature punchy bass.

The sound quality of the Super scoop subwoofer is generally good but occasionally falls short of the bass frequencies that a larger speaker can provide.

The enormous Folded horn subwoofers produce sound at a high SPL (sound pressure level) and with a robust bass response. The sound quality is usually excellent, with a distinct bass response and audible mid- and high-frequency ranges.

Like a folded horn subwoofer, a tapped horn subwoofer produces a tremendous bass response. Their SPL is higher as well, resulting in good sound quality.


Super Scoop subwoofers have more distortion than the other two. Although both horn subwoofers have really low distortion, the tapped horn has an edge over the folded horn subwoofer.

The small size of the super scoop  speaker may be to blame for the distortion. Folded horn subwoofers in contrast typically exhibit less distortion. The speaker’s large size enables greater low-frequency reproduction and more regulated cone movement, which lowers the distortion.

And for tapped horn subwoofers multiple  drivers can lessen distortion by dispersing the sound output over a broader region.

Best for the Type of Music:

Super Scoop is best for mid and high freq while folded and tapped are better for low freq.

Music that doesn’t require a lot of low-frequency output is best suited for Super Scoop subwoofers. Music with a heavy emphasis on mid and high frequencies, such as pop, rock, and hip hop is great using a super scoop.

Folded horn and Tapped horn subwoofers are noted for their tremendous bass response and for making music such as electronic dance music (EDM), hip hop, and R&B more alive.

The large size of the folded horn makes it suited for a variety of musical styles as it allows for enhanced low-frequency reproduction and more regulated cone movement.

Best for Type of Movie:

Super scoop subwoofers are a good choice for supporting the bass in dialogue-driven movies like comedies and dramas.

Action and sci-fi movies, which demand a lot of low-frequency power, are perfect for folded horn subwoofers in your theater setup. These movies work really nicely with tapped horns as well.

A wide variety of movie genres can employ the Tapped Horn design because it uses many drivers to achieve even higher SPL and better sound quality.

Room Placement:

Place all three of the subwoofers in the corner or against the wall for better sound quality. Folded horn will require much more space than the two.

Folded horn subwoofer sound production can be sensitive to room layout, requiring careful positioning for better sound quality. Tapped horn subwoofers are relatively small in size, which makes them simpler to fit into a space.

Super scoop subwoofers’ unique scoop form adds a visually appealing design element to a room or in-car audio system. However, you must be cautious when installing them.

You get 6 dB more sensitivity if you place your subwoofers near a wall. And if they are placed in a corner you can get almost 12 dB more sensitivity. With the mouth of the subs about a couple of feet away from the boundary, you’ll have the best results.

The hardest obstacle is outside because there are no barriers to creating pressure. Moreover if placed on an uneven surface the subwoofer might bottom out as well.

In this instance, turn the horn downward while supporting the upper edge to position the mouth at a 30-degree angle.

If you are only using a folded horn, use the Angle solution. When employing a bass reflex cabinet, floor-load the enclosure. Take your cabinet, set the woofer against the floor, and then raise it by about 6 inches. You’ll receive the identical benefits as the boundary-loading your subwoofer from this.

If you’re using multiple subwoofer cabinets, place them far away from each other.  You can also stack them as well. But it’s best not to.

Which One to Choose: Tapped Horn Vs Folded Horn Vs Super Scoop Subwoofer 

Super Scoop subwoofer may be the right choice for you if you’re looking for a compact and affordable subwoofer that can handle mid and high frequencies well.

It is ideal for smaller rooms or setups where low-frequency output is not a primary concern.

The folded horn on the other hand is ideal for large rooms and setups with its strong bass response.

And Tapped horn is best for high output and low distortion in a compact-size subwoofer. It’s suitable for a wide range of musical styles and movie genres.

Depending on your specific requirement you need to ultimately make the decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which is the Best Subwoofer Size?

The optimal subwoofer size depends on the size of the space, the type of music, and the preferred low-frequency response. A 10-inch or 12-inch subwoofer is ideal for smaller spaces. But for a large space, a 15-inch or 18-inch subwoofer is best.

What Enhances A Speaker’s Bass?

Inside your home, you can easily amplify the bass by positioning the speaker against a wall. If you can put it against a corner, that’s even better. This way the low frequencies are reflected and artificially amplified by the wall. You can apply the same method outdoors as well.

Why does a subwoofer’s horn shape affect the sound?

The shape of a subwoofer horn influences the sound by directing and dispersing the sound waves created by the speaker driver. A horn-shaped subwoofer can eliminate unwanted reflections and increase overall sound clarity by adjusting the directionality of the sound.

End Words

That was our discussion about tapped horn vs folded horn vs super scoop subwoofer. End of the day it depends on your preference and need  which will determine which subwoofer is best for you.

Hopefully, our discussion helped to make your decision easier. You can talk to a professional sound engineer if you are planning the sound system for a bigger project.

Until next time!

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