SVS SB vs Klipsch R: Which Is The Better Subwoofer Series?

The first component you probably choose when slowly assembling your home theater system was a set of speakers. However, a good subwoofer is required right after that. SVS and Klipsch have both been around for a while and have released subwoofers with strong bass.

But among the SVS SB vs Klipsch R or Reference series, which one is better for home theater?

The SVS SB series is comparatively better than the Klipsch R series. SVS SB-series subwoofers are known for their powerful and deep bass, along with producing incredibly low frequencies. Klipsch R-series subwoofers, on the other hand, are great for producing high-output, rapid, and dramatic bass.

The SVS SB series offers products in the mid-and high-price range, but the Reference series from Klipsch has more low- and mid-priced items with one or two high-end subwoofers.

Want to find out more about the difference between these two series? Keep reading the article-  

SVS SB vs Klipsch R: A Quick Comparison

Before we move onto  a more detailed comparison let’s take a look at this overview table- 

FeaturesSVS SBKlipsch R
PerformanceExcellentGood but falls behind comparatively
Price RangeMid & highLow, Mid & High
Connectivity OptionsLine-level RCA input and output, Speaker-level inputs, USB control port for SVS Subwoofer DSP app. (Optional wireless)Line-level RCA input, Speaker-level inputs, 12V trigger input
Control OptionsVolume, Phase, Crossover (variable 50Hz to 160Hz)High-Pass Filter and parametric equalizer(same)Volume, Phase, Low Pass Crossover (variable 40Hz to 160Hz
Set UpEasy Installation & setupNeed to be precise in room location
Preferred ByAudiophiles & general usersOnly General Users
Usage(Movie/Music)Great for both along with TV showsGood but can get little harsher with high-frequency music 

SVS SB vs Klipsch R: Model Wise Comparison

Before we move on to a detailed comparison, we will be dividing the subwoofers from these two series into three categories based on their price range. Subwoofers priced between $100-399 will be sorted into the low price range.

The mid-range will have a subwoofer priced between $400 and $699. The High end will start from $700 up to $1500. Following this price we have created this table with subwoofers from the SVS SB series and Klipsch R series

Model NameCostCategory
Klipsch R -120 SWCheck Latest PriceLow
Klipsch R -112 SWCheck Latest PriceMid 
SVS SB 1000Check Latest PriceMid
SVS SB 2000Check Latest PriceMid
Klipsch R-115SWCheck Latest PriceHigh
SVS SB 3000Check Latest PriceHigh

Now that we have categorized the models, let’s move onto feature comparison between the two series.

Amplifier Power:

In terms of amplifier power, the SVS SB series comes with much higher power than the Klipsch Reference series.

Model NameAmplifier Power
Klipsch R -120 SW200 watts
Klipsch R -112 SW300 watts
SVS SB-1000300 watts 
SVS SB-2000500 watts 
Klipsch R -115 SW400 watts
SVS SB-3000800 watts 

As we can see from the table, SVS increased their amplifier power with each subwoofer model in the SB series. With higher amplifier power, these SVS subwoofers can produce higher-volume audio with greater accuracy and control. 

Moreover, there will be reduced distortion and greater sound quality. So there’s no chance of the subwoofer sounding muffled.

The Klipsch Reference series also increased its power with the newer models but it is not as impressive as the SVS SB series.

In the clash of SVS SB 2000 vs Klipsch R-112 SW, the mid-ranged subwoofers, the SVS model definitely overpowers the latter. 

On the high-end subwoofer side, the SVS SB 3000 has double amplifier power compared to the Klipsch R-115SW. Although with 400 watts amplifier power, Klipsch R-115SW does give a noticeable audio accuracy. 

But considering Klipsch R-120SW vs SVS SB 1000, the amplifier power that SVS is providing with almost $200 dollars more is not that significant.

Overall the SVS SB series has much higher amplifier power.

Size & Build Quality:


Most of the Klipsch Reference series and SVS SB comes in a similar 12-inch size except R-115SW and SVS SB 3000. SVS is built with premium material and goes effortlessly with any home decor. Klipsch is quite bigger in size but has a good modern finish.

The sturdy, rigid, and long-lasting MDF housing on the Klipsch Reference line subwoofers helps to minimize damaging vibrations and resonance. The cabinets come with a scratch-resistant, textured wood grain vinyl finish.

This modern and sophisticated appearance makes the Reference subwoofers a fantastic addition to any home cinema setup. The woofers are enclosed in a bass-reflex design for optimal efficiency and performance.

The Reference subwoofers also sport a low-profile detachable magnetic grille, keeping the woofer safe and giving a discreet look.

The SVS SB series of subwoofers on the other hand are renowned for their premium build quality. This series uses a lightweight, robust composite material to generate high-quality bass with no distortion.

The SB-1000 has a small, sealed cabinet design. But the SB-2000 and SB-3000, come with a slightly large cabinet design and front-firing driver.

For its cabinets, SVS also used medium-density fiberboard (MDF). All three SB models have black ash and piano gloss black finishes available.

Both of these will be a great addition to your home theater setup, pick the design that complements your setup the most.

Driver Size & Woofer Dimensions:

Other than the SVS SB 3000 and Klipsch R-115SW all the drivers of the SVS SB series and Klipsch R series come with a 12-inch driver. 

Model NameDriver Size
Klipsch R -120 SWKlipsch R -112SWSVS SB-1000SVS SB-2000
12 inch
SVS SB-300013 inch
Klipsch R -115 SW15 inch

Klipsch always tries to bring change to their subwoofer dimensions, focusing on giving the cones more room to move air. Moreover, the bigger cabinet size helps to perform well in specific movie music as well.

SVS SB -1000 is the smaller size, which helps to place it effortlessly into your setup. But SVS SB 2000 and SVS SB 3000 were built with bigger cabinet dimensions.

We have put together a table with the dimension of each subwoofer here, so you can check the dimension and see which is more suitable for you –

Model NameDimensions
Klipsch R -120 SW16.5 inch x 14 inch x 19.2 inches
Klipsch R -112 SW17.38″ inch x 15.5″ inch x 18.25-inch
SVS SB-100013.5 inch x 13 inches x 14 inches
SVS SB-200014.6-Inch  x 14.2-Inch  x 15.4-Inch 
Klipsch R -115 SW21.5″ inch x 19.5″ inch x 22.3″ inch.
SVS SB-300015.6 inches x 15.2 inches x 17.8 inches

You should pick a subwoofer depending on the space available in your room and how it will look with other setup accessories.

For more impactful bass with a compact size subwoofer, the SVS SB series will be better, especially the SVS SB 1000.


SVS SB series subwoofers have a much wider frequency response range than the Klipsch reference series. As a result, SVS SB Subwoofers generate deeper bass and higher frequency than Klipsch.

Model NameFrequency Response
Klipsch R -120 SW29-120 Hz
Klipsch R -112 SW24-125 Hz
SVS SB-100024-260 Hz
SVS SB-200019- 220 Hz
Klipsch R -115 SW18-125 Hz
SVS SB-300018-270 Hz

Just like amplifier power, SVS SB series tried to add more frequency response range in their subwoofers. Klipsch also tries to catch deeper bass with their frequency range.

Low-End Subwoofer:

Low-End Subwoofer
Source: Audioholics

For a low-end subwoofer, the Klipsch R-120SW has a decent frequency response. With a 29-120 Hz response, you will clearly be able to notice the bass difference while playing classical music.

It also improves the bass quality without punchiness or noise, although it can be a little boomy. But at this price range, this is one of the top-quality bass juggernauts out there.

Mid-Range Subwoofer:

In the mid-range, the Klipsch R-112SW, and SVS SB 1000 have almost the same frequency response range. Both of them can go as deep as 24 Hz making them generate deep bass.

But with up to 260 Hz response, the SVS SB has a much wider and higher frequency output. Metal, hip-hop, and electronic genre music come out with precise sharpness and more punch with every bass note. But it might not be as expressive while watching movies 

However, with 20 dollars less the R-112SW provides a room-filling sound for TV and gaming as well. Moreover, the sub notes produced by R-112SW are perfect for movies But you need to ace the setup otherwise the performance can falter greatly.

SVS SB 2000 however outperforms these two with an even bigger range of 19-220 Hz. With the added depth SVS SB 2000 lets the mids breathe and come out punchier during action-packed movies.

High-End Subwoofers:

In the high-end battle, SVS SB 3000 dominates the Klipsch R-115W. With an 18-270 Hz frequency response the SVS SB is unmatched. It offers great bass and higher frequency for both music and movies.

Sometimes with a range like this subwoofers tend to get overwhelming but SVS SB delivers a solid performance with control. SB 3000 crushes every  music genre with ease and never overpowering or blurring the notes.

High-End Subwoofers
Source: AVForums

But then again, The Klipsch R-115SW does deliver proper raw bass as well. While other subwoofers with a similar $700 price tag tend to get less prominent after 30 HZ this subwoofer does really well all the way to 18 Hz.

Klipsch R-115SW doesn’t have a wider range like SB 3000 but the higher frequency that comes with a range of 125 Hz is impactful just as well.

Control & Connectivity Options:

The SVS SB series subwoofers have more control and connectivity options than the Klipsch Reference series. 

Here’s an overview table of control and connectivity options from these subwoofers.

Model NameControl OptionsConnectivity Options
Klipsch R-120 SWVolume, Phase, Low Pass Crossover (variable 40Hz to 160Hz)Line-level RCA input, Speaker-level inputs, 12V trigger input
Klipsch R-112 SWSame as Klipsch R-120SWAlong with the previous connectivity options it has optional wireless capability
Klipsch R-115 SWSame as Klipsch R-120SWSame as Klipsch R-112SW
SVS SB 1000Volume, Phase, Crossover (variable 50Hz to 160Hz)Line-level RCA input and output, Speaker-level inputs, USB control port for SVS Subwoofer DSP app.
SVS SB 2000Along with the previous control options it has High-Pass FilterSame as SVS SB1000
SVS SB 3000Same as SVS SB 1000 along with High-Pass Filter and parametric equalizerSame as the previous with wireless connectivity option  

As seen from the table, the SVS SB series tried integrating more control and connectivity options in their series. With more control options they are able to fine-tune the bass more accurately.

Klipsch R-115SW subwoofer
Source: Home Media Entertainment

Klipsch on the other hand had the same control and connectivity option through the years except for adding the wireless connectivity option in the Klipsch R-115SW subwoofer.

SVS SB series
Source: Stereophile


SVS and Klipsch both come with a moneyback trial option within limited days and with several years of warranty.

Model NameInputs
SVS SB-1000, SVS SB-2000, SVS SB-30005 Year Unconditional (45 days free trial)
Klipsch R -120 SW, Klipsch R-112 SW, Klipsch R-115SW5 years woofer2 years amplifier(60 days money back)

SVS offers a 45 days free trial option with all of their subwoofers. You can return the product within 45 days if it’s not up to your preference. They will give you a full refund along with free shipping.

They also give a 5-year unconditional warranty on all of their subwoofers. So any time your subwoofer suddenly malfunctions or its bottom comes out, you can get it fixed. 

Klipsch on the hand gives you a much longer trial period of 60 days. They have a refund option as well. They have a 5-year warranty on their woofers but the amplifier has a 2 years warranty.

Which One to Pick Between SVS SB vs Klipsch R?

This actually depends on your budget and preference in the end. The room size and space you have also play an important role. Here’s a short pros and cons table for both subwoofer series-

Subwoofer NameProsCons
SVS SBAccurate and tight bass responseVersatile placement options due to compact designReliable and well-built constructionWide range of volume and low-frequency control with the SVS appMay require more powerful amplification for larger rooms or to play at higher volumes.Limited color options available.
Klipsch Reference Powerful and dynamic bass performance
Sleek and attractive design with high-quality materials
Wide range of compatibility with Klipsch speakers and home theater systems.
May require careful placement 
Less control & connectivity option

Pick the SVS SB series for deeper and tuneful bass available within both compact and larger models. It does have a higher budget but paying a little more for greater overall quality is always a wise decision. Audiophiles mostly prefer the SVS SB for this reason.

For a more budget-friendly bass performance pick the Klipsch R or Reference series. These subwoofers come in almost every price range and slightly bigger sizes.

Our Preference: SVS SB series subwoofer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which enclosure material is best for a subwoofer?

MDF is an excellent material for subwoofer enclosures. Sound wave distortion is minimized by the wood’s strength, durability, and thickness. The second-best material after MDF is plywood. It is less heavy than MDF but robust enough to produce the best sound quality when laminated.

Does greater RMS imply higher bass?

Yes, greater RMS implies higher bass. The deeper the bass, the greater the RMS value. But make sure the subwoofer RMS value corresponds to the amplifier.

How do you generate punchy bass?

A compression pedal is one of the most popular techniques to get a punchy bass guitar sound. The bass notes will sound more consistent and have an even distribution of volume as a result. Using a pick is another approach to producing a powerful bass guitar sound.

End Words

That is the end of our discussion on SVS SB vs Klipsch R. Both series come with a wide variety of subwoofers mastering different capabilities.

But if looked at overall improvement the SVS SB is definitely the better subwoofer series. That being said, it ultimately depends on you which series suits your specific needs.

Until next time!

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