How to Connect an RCA Home Theater Projector to a Phone?

There are hundreds of options to get content displayed on a big screen using a projector.

When you are using a projector for professional purposes, we require more professional solutions.

However, for a little home theater, we prefer using RCA projectors and our phones. That’s a perfect economical match.

Most projector users struggle with connecting the phones with the RCA projectors. However, the process is fairly simple and more or less the same as other projectors.

How to Connect an RCA Home Theater Projector to a Phone?

There are two ways to connect both wireless and with wire.

  • Connecting phone and the projector wireless
  • Connecting phone and the projector using wire

Connecting Phone and the Projector Wirelessly

To establish a wireless connection, there needs to be a fully charged phone, Chromecast, and a good quality RCA home theater projector for uninterrupted streaming.

1. Check the projector’s compatibility

First of all, you have to confirm whether your RCA home theatre projector has all the features to be connected to the phone or not.

Most RCA home theatre projectors have all the required features however it is better to confirm.

2. Turn on the WIFI

It must be kept in mind that a connection can not be established without a stable WIFI connection.

Therefore to enjoy your favorite movies on the big screen while sitting in the comfort of your home, turn on a stable WIFI connection and move one step closer to the dream.

3. Disable the power save mode

To make the phone’s battery last longer, we keep our phones running on power save mode.

To get the desired result from the projector and phone connection, you have to disable the power save mode first. Do not worry you can turn it on later.

4. Download and install the Google Home App

If you are used to connecting your phone to several devices, chances are you might have a Google Home app already.

If you do not have a Google Home app, download and install it as you would need it to get done with the process.

5. Turn on the project and connect the phone to the WIFI

WIFI is the medium that would help you connect the phone and a projector.

Turn on the projector by plugging in the power cord in a power source, turn on WIFI on your phone.

6. Get a Chromecast

Chromecast is the fastest and the easiest way to connect and projector and a phone wirelessly.

To connect the RCA home theatre projector and a phone, the projector has to support the HDMI connections.

7. Plugin the Chromecast

Since you have got the Chromecast, do not waste any more time and plug the Chromecast into the projector’s HDMI port.

8. Wait for the content to appear

As soon as the RCA home theatre projector will detect the Chromecast, the content or streaming option would appear immediately. Therefore, wait for a few seconds.

9. Open the Google Home app

Since it’s time to take a few final steps, open the Google Home app and tap on the Accounts tab on the bottom right corner. Scroll the options and tap on the “Mirror Device” option.

10. Give the device a permission

As soon as you select the “Mirror Device” option, a warning would appear. Check the “Do not show me the message again” and click okay.

Soon after clicking “okay”, you will be required to take the final step. Find the “Cast Screen/Audio” and allow the Chromecast to connect your phone and a projector. There, the mission is accomplished.

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Connecting Phone and the Projector Using Wire

If the projector does not mind a wired connection, connecting the phone and a projector using the USB-C to HDMI cable is the best option. To connect phone and a projector this way;

1. Get a USB-C to HDMI cable

To support this connection, again the projector has to support the HDMI connection. If the projector supports an HDMI connection, get a USB-C to HDMI cable.

2. Turn on the phone and a projector

Since you have got the wired solution, it’s time to turn on the phone, and the projector to take the final step.

3. Connect the phone and the projector using USB-C

Once your phone and the project are in a functional state, all you have to do is connect the phone and the projector via USB-C to HDMI cable and you will be done.

Now that your phone and the projector is connected, bring popcorn and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.


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