Astron Projector Review in 2023

Want a sky full of stars in your room? It may seem unlikely until you invest in the Astron projector. This galaxy projector is definitely the talk of the town and a newsworthy topic among projector enthusiasts. It has many special features to turn your room or living space into a starry place.

As turning your room into a galaxy full of stars is currently trending on Instagram, more and more people are looking for galaxy projectors.

On top of the search results is the Astron projector, shining bright with many incredible features.

Astron Projector Features Review

Since it is one of the most popular galaxy projectors out there, many aspiring owners want to know about the features and how well it works in relation to the galaxy effect.

Besides all, it does not disappoint for sure and delivers what it is meant to do. That is the reason for its popularity and a go-to choice for creating a sea of stars in the room. This Astron projector review will shed light on the features and limitations of this projection unit.


It fills the room with stars and galaxies for a therapeutic effect and releases stress. Change the ambiance of the living space with 6 color configurations and 3 RGB static color presets.

Just with a single touch, project the divine symphony of the beautiful night sky in an instant. With different color combinations, you can choose any configuration and color settings depending on the mood.


Why limit the starry projection to just one room? It is an ultra-portable, battery-powered projector that works wherever you command it to.

It does not require inflexible or permanent installation and can be moved easily to the living room, basement, or any other space. It simply engulfs any space with a sea of stars for an ultimate, immersive experience.

Plug & Play

Who knew creating constellations was that easy? Well, the plug & play functionality of this projector just makes it the most user-friendly starry projector. Cast a 360° starry sky in any place with the simple, flexible plug & play installation.

Music Sync

With the built-in MusicSense mode, the manufacturer has enhanced the experience of watching bright constellations while listening to your favorite music. Dance to addicting music tunes with an over-the-top view.

It would be nothing short of a magical experience to watch the constellations while the soothing music is playing.

Touch Control Sensor Technology

Switch between different color settings or alter configurations with the touch of your finger. Besides, it features simple buttons to change light effects, adjust brightness, and start/stop the rotating motion of the stars.

Voice Control

It may surprise many users, however, it supports voice assistant to allow easier control with your voice or experience a distant, beautiful world just by clapping your hands.


In compliance with the latest technological advancements, it is completely wireless, requiring no cords or adapters to power on and project.

As mentioned above, it is a battery-powered projector operated with a rechargeable 2200mAh battery to take the starry galaxy wherever you go. Take it with you to the party to change the whole vibes of the room and sway the crowd.

Laser Projection Technology

This galaxy projector uses a direct diode Laser, precision glass optics, and holographic technologies to create an unforgettable experience by sleeping under a blanket of stars.


To summarize, it is a user-friendly projector that uses advanced technology to ensure a seamless user experience when it comes to projecting stars. Be it installation or projection, the user would not have to do the heavy lifting.


  • Limited Color Configuration – Similar to other star projectors, it has only limited colors, most combinations and patterns are available in blue, green, and red colors.
  • No Remote – Although it allows the projector to control through touch or voice, it lacks a remote controller which may or may not be a problem for many users.

Pros and Cons of Astron Projector

  • Instant projection with different brightness and color settings
  • Innovative laser technology
  • MusicSense functions to make the experience more memorable
  • Rechargeable 2200mAh battery
  • User-friendly installation and functionality
  • Ultra-portable, wireless design to accompany you wherever you go
  • Smart control
  • Authentic visuals of the starry galaxy
  • Good for the kids’ room


  • Limited functionality

Should You Buy the Astron Projector?

It is an impressive unit that many users will feel the urge to buy instantly. It has pretty similar functions as other galaxy projectors, however, what makes it stand out is that it does well what it is meant to do. The Astron projector promises otherworldly visuals and it delivers.

As you weigh the pros and cons, the pros outweigh the cons making it one of the most efficient star projectors out there. If you want to create a sea of stars in the room, it would be a great fit.

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