How to Use QKK mini Projector with an iPhone?

Do you know the QKK has recently been ranked the best projector seller? Therefore if you have to get a portable projector, the QKK projector would be the best option.

These projectors have a long battery life, bright, crisp colors, and are easier to carry and connect to the iPhone than most mini projectors. Want to know how easy it is to use a QKK mini projector with an iPhone?

Use of QKK mini Projector with an iPhone

To use QKK mini projector an iPhone you would need;

  • QKK mini projector
  • iPhone
  • Lightning to HDMI adapter

1. Order relevant supplies

Since you have been planning to watch movies in HD, you might already have a QKK mini projector and an iPhone.

If you still have to get a QKK projector, read the reviews, compare the specifications, and get the best home.

As you know an iPhone and QKK can not be used together without lightning to HDMI adapter, order that right away as well.

2. Gather all the supplies in a room

As you know you have got all the ingredients for the recipe, bring the QKK mini projector, iPhone, and the lightning to HDMI adapter to the room.

3. Turn on the projector and the iPhone

To connect and use the iPhone with the projector, it’s super important for the iPhone and the projector to be operating plugin the power cord in the power source, and turn on the projector.

Turn on the iPhone by pressing the power button and bring it to the functional state as well.

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4. Connect

Now that the iPhone and the projector are in a functional state, unpack the lightning to HDMI adapter as it’s time to connect.

Connect one end of the lightning to HDMI cable to the iPhone and plug in the other end in the projector’s relevant port.

6. Wait for the QKK mini projector to detect the iPhone

As with any other projector, the QKK mini projector would require a few seconds to a minute to detect the iPhone and serve options. Therefore, wait for a few seconds.

7. Get and select the relevant option

The iPhone and the QKK mini projector are now connected successfully and you have got the options as well, select the relevant option and move ahead.


The QKK mini projector is awarded as the best mini projector for a variety of reasons; long battery life, bright crisp colors, and ease of connection and use with the iPhone.

All you need to have is a lightning HDMI for projector adapter to use the two together. Connect one end of the lightning to the HDMI adapter to the iPhone and the other to the QKK mini projector and start enjoying your favorite movies in HD.

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