Optoma X341 Projector Review in 2022

Optoma X341 is a successful successor of Optoma X316, both projectors became insanely popular for all the right reasons. After the success of X316, the brand did not stop there but manufactured an even better model.

Optoma is renowned for producing cost-effective projectors with an extensive list of features. X341 was launched after the predecessor X316, it was one of the bestsellers of its time.

Although it is overtaken by many other latest Optoma models, still, many people consider buying this classic projector. Here’s what this projector has to offer in terms of performance.

Optoma X341 Projector Review

There is a lot to love about this projector; performance, contrast, color accuracy, to name a few.

It is not different from other Optoma projectors and delivers a surprisingly long list of features at a moderate price.

Optoma X341 is a great blend of amazing picture quality and unmatched longevity.

It is made for classrooms and offices but can also be used for viewing entertainment content on a big screen.

Suitable for the office environment, it enhances presentations and lectures with incredible details and sharp text.

It is easy to use and loaded with all the image optimization technologies for better projection quality.

Features of Optoma X341 Projector


It does not have the possible highest resolution but enough to highlight business statistics.

The native XGA resolution may not provide the graphical fidelity of a WXGA projector but offers excellent picture quality.

The visual quality is further enhanced by the high brightness and native contrast ratio for projecting images with stunning sharpness.

Powered by 3300 ANSI Lumens, this projector delivers clearer and brighter images no matter where you are projecting.

It impresses the audience with sharp text and graphics when projecting slides and presentations.

It is technically brighter than many projectors and achieves high brightness with less power consumption.

This high lumen rating is helpful for employees who do not want to project in complete darkness.


With a high native 22,000:1 contrast ratio, it projects an incredibly clear and crisp image with brighter whites and ultra-rich blacks.

The texts and graphics come alive and more depth is added to the image. With high contrast and an advanced optical lens, it projects deep shadows and astonishing texture.

It supports sRGB color space profiles and Rec 709. sRGB profile along with
REC.709b color accuracy projects rich, vibrant colors when any PC, Mac, or SRBB-compatible source, REC is used. Reliable color performance is suited for any content type and environment.

Wall Adjustment

This cool feature is not available in many popular projectors and comes in handy while projecting on walls with varying colors.

It uses different gamma profiles to improve the brightness and color contrast of the projection surface with different colors.

Edge Mask removes fuzzy, jagged, and soft edges at the borders of the projected image for displaying a smooth, consistent image.

It has Full 3D support to display content from nearly any 3D source such as 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting, and the latest gaming consoles.

Energy Efficient

The integrated Eco+ Technology brings the best visuals with several energy-saving features.

  • Energy Saving – Utilize the specifically designed lamp modes to minimize the power consumption by 70%. Eco mode extends the lamp life while reducing the cost of electricity and maintenance.
  • Auto Power Off Function – If the projector owner forgets to turn it off and leaves it running, the projector automatically shuts itself off after a set period of time with the Auto Power Off function.
  • Eco AV Mute – Eco AV Mute reduces power consumption and prolongs lamp life by blanking the image from the screen when no longer required.

Screen Size

Thanks to its high brightness, the projector offers screen size flexibility with several options.

It supports projection image size between 27″ to 300″ from a projection distance of 1.2 to 12 meters.

One of the reasons why people love this projector is for its LED light source. It offers extended viewing with Eco mode, the bulb lasts 10,000 hours in this mode.

At full brightness, the bulb would last 5000 hours without any replacement during this period.


The projector is compatible with several multimedia devices thanks to the extensive I/O support with HDMI, VGA in, VGA out, audio in, composite video, and others to connect to laptops, DVD players, amplifiers, Blu-ray players, etc.

Though fine image adjustments are limited with vertical keystone adjustment, they still, contributes to aligning the image for optimum viewing.

Design and Weight – It does not have a sleek or stylish design like Epson or LG but the fully sealed optic design avoids the leakage of light.

This projector is designed to seal the light in place and weigh only 4.8 pounds for easy storage and placement.

Fan Sound

The projector has an acceptable fan sound of 29db. Size of the fan and space allows air circulation and delivers great content without distracting the audience with too much noise. Reduced fan noise lets you concentrate on what is important.

The integrated classic sound system with a 2W speaker provides adequate sound for short video projection.

It is specifically designed to protect the eyes with a sealed optic design. This design prevents leakage of light that can be harmful to the user’s eyes.

It is backed by the 1-year manufacturer warranty, however, after-sales services can be availed in case of fault, repair, or replacement within one year after purchase.

This is primarily a projector for office use or educational lectures. Life-like color reproduction, Eco+ technology, sharp graphics, portable, and lightweight design make it suitable for meeting rooms and classrooms.

Limitations of Optoma X341 Projector

Poor Sound Quality – The 2W mono speaker might be enough for small rooms and gatherings. For medium and large-sized rooms, external speakers need to be connected to the projector which adds extra bucks to the cost.

No Horizontal Image Adjustment – Features for fine-tuning images are quite limited, for instance, the projector does not support horizontal adjustment to make the image perfectly square and fit the screen.

Short Lamp Life – Though the lamp will last close to a decade when used for a few hours a day, still, 10000 hours in the Eco mode is not an ideal operational life. Especially today, when projectors have over 50000 to 80000 hours of lifespan.


  • Bright, sharp XGA projector with 3300 ANSI Lumens and 22,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Sharp, vibrant image with a large color palette
  • Lightweight and portable perfect for off-site meetings
  • Easy to Operate with multiple inputs and USB power
  • Full sealed optical design for eye protection
  • Reasonable fan noise
  • Eliminates blurry edges with edge mask
  • Wall color adjustment adjusts gamma output to match the color of the projection surface
  • Quick resume function allows it to power on again instantly after being accidentally switched off


  • The integrated sound system needs improvement
  • Limited image adjustment features

Is Optoma X341 Worth-Buying?

There is a lot to admire about this projector but it can be a hard sell because of the price. At just under $800, there are many better-rated options with 1080p native resolution.

It has a great picture quality, fantastic brightness, and some exclusive features like Edge Mask and Wall Adjustment. Similar picture quality can be achieved on some affordable projector models.

Another factor that makes it less worthy is subpar internal speakers that require to be used with external speakers.

Overall, this is not a bad projector in terms of performance and can be used for effortless office presentations and class lectures.


Optoma X341 meets the requirements of a business person and comes preloaded with many features and technologies that set this unit apart. It is a worthy successor to the Optoma X316 and has improved a lot in terms of everything, from contrast ratio, brightness, 3D, and wireless capability.

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