The ONN Projector Review in 2022

As the projection needs are increasing, more and more companies are designing and manufacturing projectors.

There are some very well-known brands and some least-known brands that have also been surviving the competition well.

These least-known brands are offering the best specs at breathtakingly affordable prices.

ONN is one of those brands that has rewarded us with the best projectors at the most economical prices.

Since the ONN projectors are being considered by everyone with budget issues, I have decided to enlighten everyone on the ONN projectors’ strengths and weaknesses.

ONN Projector Review


Projectors, laptops, smartphones, and all other such devices are first judged by their appearances.

No doubt, specs are more important however the appearance can not be ignored as well.

If we try to judge the ONN projectors by their appearances, the projectors do not have mediocre designs at all.

The projectors come in acceptable packaging as well. Moreover, these projectors are neither too small nor too big that it gets harder to store, transport, and handle.


Surprisingly, the ONN projectors happen to be neither too heavy nor too lightweight. Almost all hot selling ONN projectors are not more than 3kgs or 6.614 pounds.


ONN projectors are made to serve people with budget issues. Therefore, the projectors are of acceptable quality.

When it comes to brightness, the ONN projectors are not bright enough to be used for professional purposes.

However, these are fairly bright enough to be used to play games and build a little home theatre.

Contrast Ratio

The lumens are of no use if the contrasting ratio is low. Better lumens and a high contrasting ratio project clear and vivid images.

The company understands the need, therefore the projectors come with an acceptable contrast ratio; of 3000:1.


The downside of the ONN deal is that most projectors do not have an inbuilt speaker.

Some ONN projectors do have speakers but these speakers are not powerful enough. To fetch powerful sound, you would be required to connect an external speaker.

Supported projection

The ONN projectors come with satisfactory specs. Therefore, it is no surprise that almost all ONN projectors support all projection methods; front, rear, desk, and ceiling.

Supported input connections

Like most of the projectors available in the market, the ONN projectors do support HDMI, USB, and VGA connections.

However, on the other hand, one serious issue people found in the ONN projectors is that they have one HDMI, USB, and VGA port. Whereas, the other companies have been offering multiple ports for multiple connections.


Despite being cheap, the ONN projectors are surprisingly portable. Therefore, you have got a legitimate reason to prefer it over the other economical options.

In my view, portability is one reason why this projector brand is being considered by low-income groups.


The ONN projectors are not pricey at all. Low prices have also contributed to insane sales.

Even the most advanced ONN projectors are half the price of the expensive options. If you have budget issues, ONN is one fine option.

Whether ONN should be considered or not?

ONN is an economical brand. The specs are not as amazing as the expensive brands. However, for unprofessional purposes and small needs, ONN is a fine option.


ONN is introduced as an economical projector brand. The projectors do have wow designs, however, they do not have mediocre designs as well.

The projectors offered by this brand are satisfactorily bright, vivid, and have high contrast ratio.

Almost all ONN projectors support HDMI, USB, and VGA. Some ONN projectors have inbuilt speakers but the inbuilt speakers are not powerful enough. The ONN projectors have acceptable specs, these projectors can only be considered by people with budget issues.

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