Viewsonic M2 Projector Review in 2022

Viewsonic M2 is one of the beautiful and best-selling projectors offered by the brand. It is hard to find a sleek squarish design with curved edges elsewhere.

Not just the design, many experts are impressed with the performance and its multiplicity of talents.

Our comprehensive Viewsonic M2 Projector reviews will help out people struggling to make the buying decision.

Without further ado, check what this amazing portable projector has in store for you.

Viewsonic M2 Projector Review

This projector is compact, easy to set up, and get running, therefore, a better choice for setting up permanently or displaying a bigger picture on the go.

Although it is quite tiny for a projector, it packs a punch to serve as per the user’s expectations.

Besides the tote-friendly build, it has many integrated unique functions that make it ideal for business travelers and small conference room meetings.

Power and performance are delivered in a portable package at a reasonable price. In addition to office use, homeowners can set it up anywhere for streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime shows.


Having a compact size is not its only claim to fame, this versatile projector has many features that distinguish it from the pack.


This projector boasts Full HD 1080p resolution for a high-quality display. Though the DLP chip has a native 1080p resolution, it supports 4K and HDR making it perfect for watching several types of high definition formats (1080p/1080i/720p) and content.


The brightness of this projector is rated to 1200 lumens, this rating is enough to project a bright image in a dark room.

This projector is not intended for bigger spaces or full-sized home theaters, therefore, not an instant deal breaker for many people.

Contrast Ratio

Although this projector does not have a high lumen rating, it somewhat compensates it with an ultra-high contrast ratio of 3000000:1.

With such high contrast, you can expect to get a sharp, crisp, clear bigger picture without losing any important details.

Color Accuracy

In addition to its compactness, this projector is recognized for its amazing color accuracy. The unique Cinema SuperColor+ technology by Viewsonic projects vivid colors.

125% Rec. 709 color accuracy and HDR content compatibility produce bright, vivid, and lifelike colors on the projection screen.

Keystone Correction

It ensures easy image adjustment with +/-40° manual and automatic vertical keystone correction and +/-30° horizontal keystone correction.

In addition, four corner adjustments and autofocus display a perfectly proportioned picture with no blurry edges.

Aptoide UI

The built-in Smart TV interface or Aptoide menu lets you stream content from popular streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and more.


Powerful and loud audio is packed in this small package with superior quality Harman Kardon speakers.

These speakers produce deep, loud, 360-degree room-filling sound and external audio devices can be connected through Bluetooth connection.


It offers wider compatibility with HDMI, USB Type C, Micro SD Card slot, USB Type-A, and 3.5mm audio output ports.

Additionally, the supplied WiFi dongle can be plugged into the USB port for an effortless wireless connection to iOS or Android devices.

A Bluetooth pairing button is available on the rear side to connect external audio devices hassle-free.

This battery-powered projector can be charged easily with a power bank if you do not have access to an AC power supply.

Lamp Life

The high-quality LED light source offers a usage time of 30000 hours. It will last a couple of decades even if you watch two movies a day. During its service lifespan, it will less likely require any maintenance or replacement.

Easy Setup

It ensures flexible installation and effortless setup with advanced keystone correction, corner adjustment, and autofocus. The projector does not have to be moved physically to adjust the picture.


It is compact and lightweight enough to be carried in a backpack as it only weighs 2.9 lbs. Due to its ultra-portable design, it is fit for both on-the-go presentations and permanent installation.


It has a chic and stylish design with metallic bronze wrap and an offset lens. The adjustable stand lets you adjust the angle of projection easily.

3D Blu-Ray Ready Input

It is equipped with 3D Blu-Ray Ready input to display 3D content from 3D Blu-ray players. 3D content can be viewed with compatible 3D glasses sold separately.


No Important Controls on the Projectors
The projector does not have any meaningful control button, in case you lost the projector remote, it is difficult to adjust the focus and perform other functions.

No Zoom or Lens Shift

As per many users, this projector has a poorly executed autofocus and lacks zoom and lens shift.

Low Brightness

It is dimmer than many projectors and only works when used in a completely dark setting. Low lumen ratings impact the picture quality in different environments.

Pros and Cons of Viewsonic M2 Projector


  • Compact enough to carry in a tote bag
  • Convenient tripod mounting
  • Amazing color fidelity
  • Decent 1080p picture quality
  • Supports 4K and HDR10
  • Loud and deep audio with dual speakers
  • Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled
  • 30000 hours of lamp service lifespan
  • Compatible with Airplay and Chromecast
  • Eye Protect function
  • Auto horizontal/vertical keystone correction and autofocus
  • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • 3D capable
  • Projection size of up to 100 inches


  • Limited streaming options
  • Does not include a battery
  • Moderately high operating noise between 24dB and 26dB

Should You Buy The Viewsonic M2 Projector?

Viewsonic M2 Projector is a portable entertainment powerhouse with multiple attractions such as easy setup, image alignment, built-in speakers, app store, decent picture quality, voice control, and unconventional design.

However, it has some limitations like fiddly UI, permanent motion smoothing, and lack of zoom and lens shift. It is a pretty decent projector if you prefer mobility, the good projection performance complements the portable design.


M2 projector has proven to be a great traveling companion with a few rough edges. High resolution, contrast, and color accuracy make it an ideal choice for small conference rooms, classrooms, or casual home use.

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