Lumi HD Projector Review in 2022

Lumi HD projector has created a lot of buzz with its small size and advanced function.

This compact powerhouse is ultra portable and bright to display memorable moments clearly and beautifully.

It is capable of turning any space into a home theater with ease. Adding this mini projector to your collection of gadgets will turn any place into a full-blown home theater, no matter where you are.

Use it to view entertainment content or some of life’s best moments on the screen. If you find this appealing but are not sure if it suits your preferences, this detailed review will help you with the decision.

Lumi HD Projector Review

This innovative device is recognized for its portability, compactness, and affordability.

The low price point makes it extremely easy for anyone to try it out and analyze its functionality.

This teeny tiny projector projects life-size images making it perfect for gaming, movies, and even business projector.

This is not the only thing that makes it unique and versatile, it offers more than just a projecting display.

It has received so much hype ever since its launch as it packs dozens of features at an economical price range. Is it worth the hype? Find out by looking at the benefits and limitations of this device.

Features of Lumi HD Projector

It has massive positive characteristics for a true theater experience.


It is foolish to expect this projector to have an advanced resolution like 4K, UltraHD, 3D, or 1080p for the price.

Although this is not a high-end projector in terms of resolution, it projects a pretty clear picture.

It has a 320 x 240p native resolution and supports a 1920 x 1080p projector. 1080p supported resolution combined with brightness and native contrast allows a vibrant and clear projection.

This resolution is enough to display entertainment content, play games, and perform business presentations.


The user’s viewing experience is enhanced with 400 to 600 lumens of brightness. It can get up to about 600 lumens to project a vibrant image in a completely dark room.

This brightness rating is not enough to display you a clear image in any kind of ambient light, modify the space to be completely dark in order to use the projector.


It has a native contrast ratio of 800:1 that rivals high-end LED TV for vivid, detailed visuals.

Lightweight and Compact

No projector exemplifies portability and compactness as this one, it is designed to be ultra-portable and weighs as light as the wallet.

The projector is housed in a box as small as one’s hand size and weighs only 6oz. With this type of portable quality, it can be taken anywhere on camping trips, picnics, or outdoor parties.

Projection Size

Users can enjoy massive projection, it stays true to the manufacturer’s statement of having “bigger than big” projection abilities.

It can project an image size of 220 inches diagonally to enjoy theater-quality without having to go to the cinema.


It offers versatile connectivity with AV, CVBS, HDMI, and USB ports, the projector can be connected to the DVD player, laptop/computer, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, etc.

Lamp Life

The projector lamp life will last more or less a decade even when used for a couple of hours regularly.

The service lifespan of this projector stands at 30000 hours, enough to not replace it for a long time.


The price point is the most essential consideration when it comes to purchasing a projector. It is priced at a low cost, the features outweigh the purchase price.

It is an affordable option with many advanced functions that comes at a truly unbeatable deal.


No 3D Support

This projector does not have a 3D or 4K UltraHD support, therefore, users looking to project high-definition images or 3D content have to look elsewhere.

Low Brightness

It has a low lumen rating as 400 lumens do not provide sufficient brightness for it to be used in well-lit rooms. The low resolution and native contrast ratio also further declines the image quality.

Should You Buy Lumi HD Projector?

There is nothing more to share about the projector, it has many benefits and a few flaws like other projectors. If you want an ultra-portable option within an affordable price range, invest in this projector immediately.

If the user prefers high resolution, wireless connectivity, a better contrast ratio, and higher brightness, it is better to opt for expensive, high-end options.

It is a budget projector with a contrast ratio and color accuracy comparable to a high-end LED TV, sufficient enough to project a decent quality, lifesize image.


The key takeaway from this review is that it is a portable, durable device with satisfactory projection quality. Affordability is a major plus and it functions well for its price. You can not expect it to compete with high-end projectors, however, it offers value for money.


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