The Luminar Projector Review in 2024

Luminar LED smart projector is appealing to many aspiring users for a number of reasons. It is not an average projection unit that offers nothing more than portability.

Luminar L800 is an upgraded, efficient model that is loaded with advanced features and technologies.

It has a good picture quality, solid color performance, 3D compatibility, and versatile connectivity.

On top of that, these are all available at a reasonable price. It is worth the money and has more benefits than drawbacks.

Here’s what you need to know about the Luminar projector to decide whether to purchase it or not.

Luminar Projector Review

Although the Luminar projector is not meant for commercial use, it can be a great fit for small entertainment rooms and special events.

Additionally, it can be used as an HDTV theater to watch your favorite sports, movies, TV shows, or play Xbox and station games.

Similar to other projectors, it has benefits and drawbacks to using it. This review will give a detailed description of what the projector entails and its limitations.

Features of Luminar Projector

It has full HDMI 1920 x 1080 resolution to support high-definition multimedia content.

Combined with many latest image optimization technologies, it delivers images with optimal clarity and sharpness.

In addition, a high native dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1 preserves all graphical details. It helps in projecting a razor-sharp image without losing any key details.


This projector has an ultra-bright lamp that has a brightness of 6000 lumens. With such high brightness, you can use it during the daytime as well.

Moreover, it can project clear and bright images in well-lit spaces. The projector allows brightness uniformity for more than 97% of the total screen.

Color Accuracy

In addition to 1080p resolution and high brightness, it does not lag behind in color performance. The projector can display 16.7 million colors for better color accuracy.

The image will be projected with authentic, clear, and vibrant colors as the filmmaker envisioned. The 9000K color temperature provides the most accurate color reference.

Lamp Life

It is equipped with a 250-watt bright projector lamp with a long-lasting service lifespan. The projector lamp runs continuously for 30000 hours when used in ECO mode.

Lens Shift Range

It allows maximum vertical lens shift from -25% -/+150% and optical Lens +/- 15%. You can easily adjust the image just by shifting the lens instead of changing the position of the projector.

Keystone Correction

Advanced Manual Zoom and 15 degrees keystone help in projecting a perfectly proportioned picture for every frame. Image alignment can be done easily through these options.

Wide Connectivity

It has wider compatibility with the support of several input terminals. The projector has 1 x Audio In, 1 x Composite Video, 1 x VGA High Definition, 1 x Component Video, and 1 x HDMI.

Noise Reduction

The projector does not distract users while watching entertainment content with loud operating noise.

It features an efficient noise reduction technology that limits the operating noise to an acceptable level, 25dB.

Projection Distance

It allows easy installation for business and home setup with a decent projection distance.

It can project about 100″ images from just 2m away. The projection distance range for displaying different sizes of images is 2-5m.


  • No Wireless Connectivity – Unlike high-end and latest projectors, it does not support wireless connections with smartphones and other multimedia players.
  • Limited Zoom and Keystone – Manual zoom and keystone correction function is quite limiting and helps to a certain extent when projecting a perfectly square picture.

Pros and Cons of Luminar Projector


  • Displays high-resolution content
  • 6000 lumens of brightness and 100000:1 contrast ratio
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Long-lasting lamp life (30000 hours)
  • 3D-optimized light engine
  • Quiet projector exhaust fan for noise reduction
  • Advanced noise reduction
  • Wireless IR remote control
  • Supports vertical lens shift
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Portable and multi-purpose
  • Offers value for money
  • Compatible with gaming consoles
  • Comes with all the essential accessories


Does not produce stellar audio and needs to be connected to external speakers or sound bars.

Should You Buy Luminar Projector?

Luminar projector has many applause-worthy features that too, at affordable prices. It projects a decent, amply-bright, and detailed image on the screen.

This projection unit is easy to set up and install, moreover, it supports vertical lens shift.

On the other hand, it lacks many important functions like wireless connectivity and many other vital technologies to optimize your viewing experience.

If the budget allows, invest in a 1080p projector with the latest projection technologies from Epson, Optoma, and other brands.

To summarize, it is a decent projector with many advantages and disadvantages.

The Luminar projector is available at a reasonable price tag that matches the features available. If it meets your requirements and budget range, invest in this projector and get ready for an immersive cinematic experience.

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