The iRulu Projector Review (In Depth)

Are you interested in buying an iRulu projector? It is one of the least expensive units available on Amazon. If you are not sure about the projector quality, fret not, this iRulu projector review will cover everything you need to learn about the model.

One thing for sure, there is no going wrong with iRulu BL20 if you want a cinema on a budget. It can not be compared to Epson or other high-end projectors for picture quality and features.

At this price point, you should just be happy that it can throw up a decent 100-inch image. Follow along to learn more about the iRulu projection unit.

iRulu Projector Review

It is up for grabs for just under $60, therefore, you do not have to spend your one month’s salary to have a projection unit.

Today, there are two types of projectors; bulky units with dozens of features and lightweight models with fewer functions.

iRulu is a mix of both at an affordable price to allow anyone to set up a home cinema. Save the cost of a family trip to the movie theater by recreating a cinematic experience in your own home.

Features of iRulu Projector

The native display resolution of this projector is 800 x 480 whereas the maximum supported resolution is 1920 x 1080. It projects clear and bright images for casual and occasional image experience.

It has no HDTV resolution but rather EDTV which promises clean and sharp images but is not as defined and crisp as a native 1080p or 4K projector.

Fortunately, it does not crop the edges of the image to make it fit the screen but makes the entire frame visible.


It does not state a lumen specification to judge its brightness levels. It works well in extremely dim and completely dark environments.

Combined with the 2000:1 contrast ratio, it vows to deliver better clear and sharp images in a dark setting.

It can not be used outside during the daytime but projects a decently bright image indoors with curtains drawn.

Color Accuracy

It runs on LCD technology, efficient for displaying vivid and lifelike colors. This projector is capable of faithfully reproducing 16,700 different colors to display colors and scenes as intended.

Image Adjustment

The +/-15° manual keystone correction helps in projecting a proportioned picture for a comfortable visual angle to watch your favorite movies and content.

Projection Size

This affordable projector can project on 30-200 inches projection screens from a distance of 1.2-6 meters.

It gives a decent 32-inch display from 1.2 meters or place it at a distance of 6 meters to 200 inches image size.

The recommended projection size is 130 inches to get good picture quality without any distortions.


There is no difficult setup procedure to follow, simply place it on an even surface, switch it on, and go.


It has multiple ports including 2x USB, 2x HDMI, TV, AV, YPBPR, VGA, and Audio for wide and versatile compatibility. Connect devices like a computer, laptop, TV, game player, mouse, keyboard, or speaker to the projector.

Lamp Life

The LED light source of BL20 offers 20,000 hours of life which equates to approximately 27 years if you watch a 2-hour movie every day.

To extend its life and avoid burning out, give it a 30-minute break after four hours of use to let it cool occasionally.

It has built-in dual speakers for clear, distortion-free, loud, and room-filling audio.

Limitations of iRulu Projector

No Zoom & Lens Shift

Similar to other low-priced projectors, it does not have zoom or lens shift and has to be moved physically to match it to the size of the screen.

Loud Fan

The projector has two exhaust fans that produce loud, distracting noise while watching a movie or entertainment content.


  • 1080p supported resolution
  • MHL Connectivity
  • Super decoder chip for decent picture quality
  • Screen mirroring capabilities
  • Massive projection size
  • Long lamp life of 20000 hours
  • Fit for dorm rooms
  • Supports multiple connections


  • No true HD resolution
  • Glitchy remote


If you want the gigantic projection size without spending a fortune, Invest in iRulu BL20, one of the most inexpensive projectors out there. It has a decent amount of features and is compact enough to carry around on all your travels.

On the contrary, the video quality is watchable but not as sharp as a true 1080p display. Moreover, it does not have enough brightness and only projects well when the blinds are closed with no artificial lights on.

Although the projector has three color wheels, it does not produce vibrant realistic colors as intended. The projector has a few flaws, however, it packs and delivers more than enough features at an extremely reasonable price range.

It would be foolish to expect the image quality and performance of a 1080p or 4K projector. We can not tell you whether to buy it or not, it depends entirely on your requirements and budget.


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