HT1075 vs W1070 (Which is Better 2024)

If you have been searching for a projector from famous brands, BenQ must have come on top. Whether you want a projector for home viewing or office use, it is important to invest in the right device. BenQ projectors provide plenty of features without losing the picture quality.

Two popular projectors released by this brand are BenQ W1070 and the BenQ HT1075. Both projectors have many similarities and differences, overall, one of them is better. 

Most buyers are puzzled to choose either one, therefore, the following comparison between the two will help you decide. 

HT1075 vs W1070

The main difference between HT1075 and W1070 is not just the model number, both are similar and different from each other in various aspects. 

BenQ W1070 is known to be one of the classic and best projectors of all time in the under $1000 category.

Formally released in 2012, since then, it has been ranked one of the best, affordable 1080P projectors for home theater viewing. 

After the release and popularity of W1070, BenQ continually launched several home theater projectors with many advanced features which took some shine off the earlier model. 

The new model BenQ HT1075 has succeeded W1070, however, both are not polar apart from each other. In fact, there are more similarities than differences between the two. 

As both are built for the same purpose, these projectors are equipped with similar technologies and many common characteristics. Before talking about the similarities, let’s head over to reveal some differences.

Difference Between HT1075 and W1070

The ‘upgraded’ HT1075 is pretty similar to the older model but has some different elements. Understandably, HT1075 came later, and therefore some new and improved features were introduced.


Since both projectors adopt DLP technology, brightness is a concern for many users. DLP projectors are not renowned for ultra-brightness, therefore, many users prefer LCD projectors for an overall brighter image.

  • W1070 – This BenQ projector model has a peak brightness of only 2000 ANSI Lumens. This is just a moderate lumens rating, therefore, only works for darker rooms.
  • HT1075 – Though the change is not significant, HT1075 has a peak brightness of 2200 ANSI Lumens. This small change will have a considerable impact on the overall quality of the image.

Winner – HT1075

Lens Shift and Keystone Correction

Nowadays, it has become somewhat compulsory for projectors to have image adjustment features like Lens Shift and Keystone Correction.

These options allow flexible installation by manually correcting images via its keystone correction and/or lens shift.

  • W1070 – The keystone correction and lens shift features in this model are limited. It only offers vertical keystone correction and has a vertical lens shift allowing 5 degrees in both directions.
  • HT1075 – This model offers keystone correction in both axes, horizontal and vertical. The lens shift is unidirectional with a higher 10 degrees of lens shift allowance.

Winner – HT1075 


The user can output an image on the projector in several ways. It all depends on the input options of the projector, the more available ports, the more devices can connect.

  • W1070 – Equipped with a couple of HDMI 1.4a ports as the main input option. Other video inputs include a USB port, RCA, and VGA. Lastly, it features a 12-volt trigger to drop and raise a motorized screen automatically.
  • HT1075 – It comes with a pair of HDMI ports for receiving and displaying video signals. One of the HDMI ports has MHL support to project screens of smartphones and tablets. An extra USB port to plug two flash drives simultaneously. Like the W1070, it also has a 12-volt trigger. 

Winner – HT1075


They look quite identical externally housed in a silver glossy body. Both projectors share a somewhat similar body size but there are some differences in the dimensions and weight.

  • W1070 – Available in white and silver, it measures 12.28 x 4.09 x 9.61 inches and weighs 5.84 lbs.
  • HT1075 – It is a bit smaller measuring 12.2 x 4.09 x 9.6 inches but weighs a little more, 6.06 lbs. Available in silver and grey.

Winner – Tie

Which One Is Better?

As per the above comparison, HT1075 is clearly winning the BenQ HT1076 vs BenQ W1070 battle. Like its predecessor, it is also fairly inexpensive. 

The latest addition is MHL support which gives it an edge over W1070. It allows the projector to be used with mobile devices.

Moreover, the user interface and projector menu are not complicated at all, especially first-time users will have no trouble operating it. 

In spite of some new features, the overall performance of these projectors is the same. If you are already a W1070 owner, there are not many significant changes that will force you to upgrade to HT1075.

Pros and Cons



  • High resolution and contrast ratio to provide exceptional picture quality for the price
  • High contrasts, shadow details, and deeper blacks
  • No lag issues
  • Good speaker for a normal-sized room
  • Features five different settings based on angle and distance.


  • Some users complaint about fan overheating
  • Lacks audio output and extra USB port as compared to HT1075 



  • High brightness of 2200 ANSI Lumens
  • Offers bi-directional keystone correction
  • Lens shift
  • The selection and number of ports are better than the W1070
  • Equipped with MHL/HDMI dual mode port to use for charging
  • Supports wireless FHD kit for wireless connectivity 


  • Color ghosting
  • The rainbow effect is visible at the highest brightness setting

Similarities Between W1070 and HT1075

  • Technology – Both projectors are manufactured with Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. 
  • 3D Ready – 3D compatibility is offered by both models which are highly appreciated by gamers and movie lovers.
  • Resolution – HT1075 and W1070 have 1080P resolution and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, so, there is no considerable difference between the two in regards to the picture quality.
  • Throw Ratio – The throw ratio of these models is 1.15 – 1.5.
  • Lamp Life – The lamps of both projectors last 3500 hours in normal mode and 5000 hours in Eco mode.


The aforementioned lists of key distinctions and similarities will help you decide which model fits your requirements and budget. They are quite similar, however, if you do not want the extra features, stick to W1070.

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