Hitachi Short Throw Projectors Review

Looking for Hitachi Short Throw projectors? Hitachi is a reliable brand with a wide range of appliances, most people trust this brand for launching quality projectors. You would not be disappointed with the quality of the projectors either when it comes to buying one primarily for educational or business purposes.

For classrooms and small offices, the brand offers interactive, short-throw projector models with close to 3-year warranties, durable lenses, sturdy build, adding to their value proposition.

These projector models offer extreme mounting flexibility with the short throw capability. Some of the few best short throw projectors by Hitachi are the following

Hitachi Short Throw Projectors Review

  • Hitachi CP-AW252WN Short Throw LCD Projector
  • Hitachi CP-A200 Short Throw Projector
  • Hitachi CP-DW10N Short Throw Projector

1. Hitachi CP-AW252WN Short Throw LCD Projector

This short-throw projector is surprisingly small and lightweight with a stylish design. These projectors deliver extraordinary value and performance in their price class.

Mostly used for educational purposes, this projector can be virtually used in a classroom of any size. Thanks to the short-throw design, it does not have to be placed far from the projector screen.

Comes in a compact size with a better physical fit, easy to carry by hand from room to room instead of carts.

Short Throw – The projector is capable of projecting big from a short distance. The full range of this Hitachi projector’s image size is 60″ to 100″ from an approximate front distance of 4.7″ to 16.8″.

Resolution – With a native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, it projects better-quality images to enhance the educational experience for students and teachers. With excellent data image quality, it projects vibrant and well-saturated colors.

Image Care Technology – This technology conserves energy and is associated with the lamp power control function. Image care provides optimal image performance by decreasing energy usage. It improves contrast while extending the lamp life.

Cloning Function – Transferring data is easier with this function, just with a USB, you can copy settings data from one projector to others of the same model.


  • Plug and display using the USB port
  • Rename input sources with your favorite terms instead of factory default names
  • Monitor and control projectors with four different pages; Projector, Contents, Control, and Settings from a single device.
  • Can be connected to the Internet with Ethernet cable or wirelessly


  • Low audio quality

2. Hitachi CP-A200 Short Throw Projector

When Hitachi has labeled their projector model CP-A200 as “Short Throw”, they mean it.

This Hitachi short throw projector projects on a 100 inches screen from just a few inches away.

It is designed to deliver better performance with one of the shortest distances we have seen.

It shines bright and displays larger images in the smallest of classrooms and conference rooms.

If you have got a limited space area, this projector is the only way to get the job done.

Throw Distance – It raises the bar when it comes to the throw distance, the CP-A200 can project a 60″ or 100″ diagonal image from the throw distance range of 4″ to 16″ respectively.

This short distance makes it ideal for small rooms without the aisles in front of the screen.

Resolution – The projector has 1024 x 768 resolution, however, with not a particularly high contrast ratio (500:1), some colors are slightly washed out.

The low contrast ratio is compensated with high brightness and advanced LCD technology.

Image Adjustment – Unlike most projectors in its class, this projector offers horizontal as well as vertical keystone correction.

One other image distortion correction feature called Perfect Fit allows you to adjust the four sides of the image.

Audio – The embedded 7-watt speaker provides more than enough sound for small spaces.

The high-quality speaker provides buzz and hiss-free audio even at full volume. If the volume is not enough, connect an external amplifier via the audio output port.


  • Includes Kensington lock and a locking bar for optimal security
  • Several input options to connect different devices
  • 3000 lumens brightness
  • Features 7 modes including Daytime, Normal, Cinema, and Dynamic plus three “board” modes ( white, black, and green)
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty and a 6-month lamp warranty
  • Includes remote control


  • Lacks digital input
  • Supports only up to 100″ screen size

3. Hitachi CP-DW10N Short Throw Projector

This three-chip Hitachi LCD projector has many features admired by the students, teachers, or business professionals. The short-throw capability allows close interaction with the projected image and the projector.

You will get a clear, sharp image with minimal image obstruction from a shorter distance. Besides short throw capability, the projector has many value-added features with little or no maintenance.

Resolution – The native 1280×800 resolution projects a clear image, additionally, it adds 22% more pixels than common XGA resolution.

The projector lens is clearly defined from edge to edge to minimize the screen door effect and project a smoother on-screen image.

Brightness – The brightness offered by the projector is up to 2000 lumens, it can be adjusted depending on the mode selected. Brightness is reduced by 30% in the eco mode to extend bulb life.

Short Throw – Unlike their longer throw counterparts, the CP-DW10N fills a 100-inch diagonal screen only requiring 3.5 feet of throw distance. It can be installed or positioned close to the screen, placing it on the tabletop is a viable option.

Template – Integrated built-in test patterns, it includes two circle patterns, four-line patterns, and two world map formats.


  • Ceiling mountable configuration
  • Equipped with eco mode to extend the life of the light source
  • Short throw distance
  • LCD technology


  • Low contrast
  • fan noise in normal mode

How to Pick Right Hitachi Short Throw Projectors?

Projectors are huge investments, nobody would want to end up with a model having no value-added option or extra features not required. Look for the following features when buying a short throw projector.


A reliable brand is synonymous with quality, since you are looking for Hitachi short throw projectors, make sure you are buying the best model for your needs.

Hitachi offers plenty of options to choose from, many models fit the educational or business purposes better.

Throw Distance

For a smaller room, the shorter the throw distance the better. Hitachi short throw projectors are better for small-sized meetings and classrooms.

These projectors can be placed at a nearby tabletop to project a diagonal image as big as 100″.

There is less complexity for installation, eliminating the long runs of HDMI cables from the source to the projector.

Some of these projectors offer the shortest throw distance ranges between 4″ to 16″ to project a big image from 60″ – 100″.

Image Adjustment

To facilitate easy setup, the projector should have some features to adjust the image. Normally, horizontal and vertical keystone features are used to perfectly square the image by adjusting the four corners.


Other features to look for in a projector are resolution, contrast ratio, brightness, lamp life, and connectivity.

Most Hitachi projectors on the list have native 1280×800 resolution and brightness ranging between 2000-3000 lumens.

At a higher price, one can get a better projector with better resolution. Typically, the lamp life is about 4000 hours in the eco mode.

If you want to have a Hitachi projector for business presentations or lectures, the aforementioned list has multiple options to help you shop for a better option.

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