Elephas 2020 WiFi Mini Projector Review

Elephas 2020 WiFi Mini Projector helps you take cinema anywhere with its compact build. It offers convenience, affordability, reliability, and unlimited entertainment.

Moreover, this all-new projector is considered a great breakthrough in brightness, color accuracy, and performance.

Besides the vibrant visuals, you get many handy features missing from projectors with the same price tag. For instance, wireless connectivity and long lamp life are compelling selling points for this projector.

Most users prefer renowned brands like Optoma, BenQ, and Epson, therefore, it begs the question of whether the projector offers a similar performance or lags in different areas.

Elephas 2020 WiFi Mini Projector Review

It is lightweight, easy to use, and certainly acceptable for the cost. Along with impressive visuals, it offers lifelike audio, energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs.

Moreover, it packages a quality viewing experience in a portable frame, striving to meet all your home theater needs. Here, you will learn all about the features and limitations of the Elephas Mini Portable Projector.

Features of Elephas 2020 WiFi Mini Projector

Although it projects in a native resolution of 480p, the projector is capable of supporting the maximum 1080p resolution. It is superior to many 240p projectors available within the same price range.


It beats even the biggest names in the brightness arena. This projection unit has a higher brightness than average, up to 4600 lux so best for the iPad too.

It is enough to enhance the big-screen visual experience by projecting bright, vivid, and clear images.

To be fair, it does not have a high native contrast ratio, offering up to only 3500:1. However, it enhances the color quality and black levels for better projection.

Color Accuracy

It optimizes the image through 24-bit true-color support. The colors are vibrant and do not look washed out.

It supports a massive projection size of 200″, a user can project 30″ to 200″ image size from 2.6 ft to 14.5 ft.

It has a superior quality, eco-friendly, brighter LED light source. The lamp can last as long as 50000 hours, more than a decade even when used regularly for a few hours.

Elephas 2020 WiFi Mini Projector


The built-in HiFi speaker complements the movie-viewing experience with room-filling audio.

With a simple, one-time WiFi connection, you can connect wirelessly to Android, iPhone, and Windows. Also, it allows a user to synchronize the smartphone screen via a WiFi connection.

Wired Connection

It has input ports like HDMI, USB, VGA, and others to support connection with Roku Stick, Fire TV, Chromecast, external speaker, USB disk, Xbox/PS4, laptop/PC, DVD player, mobile phone, and iPad.


  • Low Native Resolution – Although it supports 1080p input, the low native 480p resolution does have an impact on the image quality.
  • No WiFi Support For Streaming Platforms – It does not support mirroring through WiFi to show content from popular streaming platforms. Instead, invest in a cable to directly connect the phone.

Pros and Cons of Elephas 2020 Mini Projector


  • 1080p input with 24-bit color support
  • Decent brightness and contrast ratio
  • LCD display technology
  • Quiet and efficient cooling system
  • Supports wired and wireless connection with iOS, Android, and other devices
  • Massive 200″ projection size
  • Long-lasting 50000 hours of lamp life


  • No integrated battery
  • Incompatible with most streaming services

Should You Buy Elephas 2020 Mini Projector?

There is no denying that the Elephas 2020 Mini projector offers a level of quality not usually seen in a projector of its size and price point. In a way, it makes up for some of its drawbacks, however, they can not be ignored either.

The lack of high resolution and the in-built battery can be a deal-breaker for most users. Plus, it is only meant for personal use and not for professional purposes.

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