Best Projector Under 300 in 2024

Looking for an affordable yet powerful projector under $300? I have got you. All the well-trusted brands are pretty expensive. It gets hard to trust and find an economical option because the least-known brands can not be trusted easily, right?

What if I tell you there are some highly reliable home theater and gaming projectors that you can get for under $300? Well, I have worked with projectors for decades, it’s pretty easy for me to tell what’s a reliable or an unreliable option.

I have used my knowledge and experience to judge some least-known brands and picked a few worthy options for you. Here are the options that got my approval;

Best Projector Under 300

  • Best Overall: Yowhick 8500Lm portable Mini Movie Projector
  • 4K-supported: Fudoni 4K Supported Portable Projector
  • Affordable: Puxinat 7500 Lumens 1080p Movie Projector
  • Portable: Mooka Family Store Portable Movie Projector
  • Multi-Purpose: Projector Mini LED Portable Video Projector
  • Convenient: Nisoo 7500L Movie Projector for Outdoors
  • Economical: Vecupou 1080p Supported Movie Projector

1. Yowhick 8500Lm portable Mini Movie Projector

1. Yowhick 8500Lm portable Mini Movie Projector

Yowhick is a least-known brand that specializes in manufacturing projectors. Since the company’s focus is just to bring quality projectors, Yowhick is one considerable brand.

Though, it has not much to offer at the moment. However, the projectors that are in the stock happen to be all worthy.

As I have planned to introduce some quality projectors being sold under $300, here’s one from Yowhick’s inventory that can be bought for just $129.99.

Bright and detail-focused image

You would not believe this economical Yowhick projector features 8500 lux and has a 3000;1 contrast ratio.

It’s quite unusual for an economical projector to have such an impressive contrast ratio. Since this projector has an impressive contrast ratio, it has got some valid reasons to be considered.

Impressive display size and lamp life

Everything about the Yowhick projector is worth-admiring. What’s worth mentioning is that the projector supports a 33″ to 100″ display size and 60,000 lamp life.

Easy to install and use

As most of the projector users struggle with installing and using the projector, the Yowhick comes to rescue us. It is easier to install and use.


  • Outstanding color accuracy and incredibly sharp image detail
  • Supports large screen
  • Does not get overheated
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoor environment
  • Remote-controlled
  • Can be connected to various devices effortlessly

2. Fudoni 4K Supported Portable Projector

2. Fudoni 4K Supported Portable Projector

Fudoni is also a reliable projector that caught my attention for a variety of reasons. It is not just cheap but has got some amazing specs as well. Therefore, I decided to give it a second position on my list of recommendations.

4k Supported

First of all, I would like to admire how cheap and efficient the projector is. The 4K projectors are superior in terms of detail, sharpness, quality, and all other aspects, therefore such projectors are sold somewhere between $1000 to $2000. However, this 4K supported projector is offering the same detail, sharpness, and quality for just $269.99.

Wifi and Bluetooth

This Fudoni projector has Wifi and Bluetooth options as well. Wifi and Bluetooth make it easier to connect to the speakers. You would not have to play with wires to fetch powerful sound from speakers.

Supports a large screen and has a zoom function

The Fundoni projector is mighty enough to light up a large-sized screen; up to 300″. The zoom function is also worth-admiring, the projector allows you to zoom from 50% to 100%.


  • Can be connected to a smartphone
  • Brightness; 10,000 lux
  • Supports ultra-fast 5G Wifi
  • Bright and sharp
  • Impressive lamp life(80,000 hours)
  • Comes with a portable scratch-resistant projector case


  • Can only be connected to speakers wirelessly

3. Puxinat 7500 Lumens 1080p Movie Projector

Like the two above-mentioned options, Puxinat is also the least known brand. It’s pretty hard to find an Epson, Viewsonic, LG, BenQ, or Optoma projector at such a low price, if you have budget issues investing in a least-known brand is the only option.

Cutest and brightest

The Puxinat’s movie projector is the cutest of all the options recommended here. It’s important to mention here the projector is not just the cutest but brightest as well. It is because the Puxinat projector features an advanced short focal lens and 5.0 LCD technology.

Supports multi-media connection

The other best part of this Puxinat deal is that it supports the multimedia connection.

You can connect it to Game Console, PCs, Laptops, DVD players, and a USB stick to play games and enjoy movies, and TV shows.


Fortunately, the projector is equipped with a 3W/80hm speaker. A 3W/80hm speaker is sufficient for small to medium-sized needs. However, if your need gets bigger you can connect an additional speaker and enjoy.


  • Is not noisy at all
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Has HDMI, USB, and AV interface
  • Impressive brightness and contrast ratio
  • Small enough to be installed on a tripod
  • Perfect for backyard movies and games
  • Palm-sized, cute, affordable, and mighty

4. Mooka Family Store Portable Movie Projector

4. Mooka Family Store Portable Movie Projector

Mooka Family projector is not just portable but economical as well. Upon comparing it with some affordable options, I find it more budget and home-theater need-friendly.

For all the people searching for a projector that is portable, economical, and highly suitable for home theater needs, this Mooka family projector is one fine option.

Wireless Screen mirroring

The Mooka’s projector has more than a hundred reasons to be considered; one is a wireless screen mirroring. However, it only allows iOS and Android phone mirroring. Whether it’s an iOS or Android phone screen mirroring is no longer a hassle, as the projector comes with detailed screen instructions.

LED projector

The projector features advanced LED technology. Expect it to deliver better color, consume less power, and require less maintenance cost. Moreover, just like all other LED projectors, the projector would not get overheated that easily.

Quite, impressive lamp life

The projector comes with an advanced cooling system, therefore it is almost noiseless. You can enjoy your favorite movies or play games in a quiet, dark environment.

The projector happens to have impressive lamp life as well. It can run up to 50,000 hours without requiring a replacement.


  • Made to fit your sophisticated lifestyle and high standards
  • Highly compatible with TV Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, iPad, iPhone, and Android Smartphones
  • Comes with a carry back
  • Delivers sharper details and more vibrant colors


  • Not suitable for Powerpoint, Word, Excel or business presentation

5. Projector Mini LED Portable Video Projector

5. Projector Mini LED Portable Video Projector

“Projector” is a highly trusted Amazon seller that sells projectors at economical prices.

This mini LED portable video projector is one of the few projector inventions that must be considered and loved for a variety of options.

Mini yet mighty

The projector’s projector might be the smallest but it’s mighty. Most mini projectors can light up 100″ to 120″ screens. Whereas, this mighty projector is powerful enough to project a rich picture on a 170″ screen. Isn’t it enough to be prized as the best affordable option?

Easy to set up and use

The projector is designed to give solutions to all of your problems. It is not just bright but easy to set up and use as well. Even if you have never worked with a projector, you would not have any difficulty setting up or using the projector.


The projector is not made to serve one need only. You can consider and use it to watch movies, cartoons, sports, and play your favorite games. Trust me, you will never regret this purchase!


  • Comes with all necessities; a tripod stand, an HDMI cable, remote control, power cable, and an AV cable
  • Supports screen up to 170″
  • Can be connected to smartphones, tablets, Macs, and iPads without any hassle
  • It is possible to use iOS, Android, and Ma
  • Native Resolution: 1280*720 pixels
  • Excellent customer service

6. Nisoo 7500L Movie Projector for Outdoors

Nisoo is a cheap yet reliable projector that must not be neglected at all. It has some advanced features that you might not notice in any other affordable projector. Isn’t it a valid reason for Nisoo projector to be considered?

Upgraded version

This 7500L 1080p movie projector is an upgraded version of a well-known Nisoo projector.

The company has tried to resolve all the issues you might have faced with the cheapest projector. Therefore, you can expect to deliver better color, have impressive lamp life, and better everything.


The projector is not just easy to transport, and store but convenient to use as well. You can connect it to devices wireless and watch your favorite movies, sports, and shows effortlessly.

Wide compatibility

Since the projector has HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB interfaces, it is highly compatible with a lot of devices such as TV boxes, TV Sticks, PCs, laptops, tablets, USB flash drives, and players.


  • The company offers an incredible 3 year after sale service
  • Supports full HD
  • Perfect for your home entertainment needs
  • Comes with a free 100″ projector screen
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable and mighty
  • Highly recommended


  • Least-known brand

7. Vecupou 1080p Supported Movie Projector

7. Vecupou 1080p Supported Movie Projector

Vecupou projector is just as unique as its brand name. The projector’s listed price is $149, however, it is being sold at $88 at the moment. Want to know why this cheap Vecupou projector made it to our recommendation list? Here’s why;


Since our concern was searching and introducing some worth-considering economical options, the fair price and the amazing features brought this projector to this list.

It’s pretty hard to find a worth-considering projector at such a low price. Hats off to the company for manufacturing and selling an impressive projector at such a low price.

Supports big screen projection

This might surprise you as none of the above-mentioned projectors are powerful enough to support a 200″ screen.

If you want to project your favorite movies, sports, or play games on a breathtakingly big screen, that’s one good option.

Supports multiple connections

The projector has a VGA, USB, HDMI, TF/SD, AV, and AUX interface. So, you can expect it to be connected to a computer, U disk, tablet, TV stick, camera, nintendo switch,DVD player, and speaker without any hassle.


  • Clear and vivid
  • Supports screen size up to 200″
  • Does not hurt the eyes
  • Easy screen mirroring
  • Compatible with computer, U disk, tablet, TV stick, camera, nintendo switch, DVD player, and speaker
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor movie night
  • Equipped with powerful inbuilt speakers


  • Airplay does not work

How to Find the Right Projector for Under $300?

First of all, I would like to restate here that do not expect to get an Optoma, LG, Epson, or any other big name under $300. You have to look for the least-known brands for this purpose. So, type “best projectors under $300” in Amazon’s search bar and search. Once you get the results, judge the projector by the following things;


As your main concern is to find a projector under $300, therefore, you must find a few options that are being sold under $300. If you can find an expensive option on sale, it’s a win.

Lumens and contrast ratio

The projector has to be bright and clear, otherwise, your $300 will get wasted. Judge the picture quality by lumens and contrast ratio, the higher the lumens and the contrast ratio the better.

Make sure the projector’s contrast ratio is somewhere between 1000:1 to 3000:1 and lumens 2000 to 8000.

Lamp life

Do not compromise on the projector’s lamp life, find a projector that happens to have a lamp life of up to 50,000 hours at least.

Most of the projectors recommended in this post have 50,000 to 60,000 hours of lamp life. Keep in mind that a $300 projector can have such an impressive lamp life, therefore do not settle on a poor-quality projector.

Screen size

Though, most of the economical options I find usually support a standard-sized screen. However, that does not mean you can get a projector that can support light up a full-sized screen. If you want to watch movies on a full-sized screen, search thoroughly and you will surely end up finding a mighty projector.

Speaker, Wifi, and Bluetooth

It’s pretty common for projectors to have in-built speakers, Wifi and Bluetooth options.

These options make the projector convenient. You also deserve a projector that has all these three options.

Do not compromise and lose hope, you do not have to spend more to get rewarded. A $300 projector can also have all these options.


Since you are spending your hard-earned money, you have got a right to judge the projector thoroughly. Do not ignore the design, it would be annoying to stare at an ugly projector for a few coming years.

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