Miroir Projector Review: In-Depth Research

Searching for an economical yet highly reliable home theater projector? Well, if it’s so, searching for a BenQ, Optoma, Epson, ViewSonic, LG, Sony, Panasonic, or Phillips, might just be a waste of time.

These brands only have some reliable but only overpriced options. You have to look for a lesser-known brand for the purpose.

In some previous posts, I have introduced some least-known yet reliable brands. Again, I’m here with another projector brand that does not only manufacture quality options but sells them at affordable prices as well. Yes, yes, you guessed it right it’s Miroir.

About Miroir Brand

Miroir is a USA-based projector manufacturing company. It was established back in 2012 and it has brought us the best portable projectors ever since.

The company is planning to do the same and it is now focusing on improving the quality, portability, design, and robust functionality.

The best thing about Miroir is that it offers incredible customer service. The company listens, works, and serves the customers as they deserve.

Miroir projector Features

If we have to sum up the qualities of Miroir projectors, the projectors are fairly bright, portable, and economical. Since this is not enough information to judge whether the projectors are worth considering or not, here are the details;


To be honest, I have only used one Miroir projector. For the sake of this review, I judged the other options online, some of the Miroir projectors are sleek and stylish and a few have mediocre designs as well. However, the company claims that it is working on improving the design.

It can be expected that the company would surely soon surprise us with projectors with upgraded designs.

Image quality

Even though the Miroir projectors are small and compact yet they are powerful enough to form a bright and vivid image. Better image quality makes it good for cookie decorating.

Almost all projectors are bright and clear enough to turn your home into a home cinema instantly.

Lamp life

After being satisfied with the image quality, we usually rush to find out how long-lasting the projector’s bulb would be. So, let’s discuss lamp life a bit.

Most Miroir projectors I came across so far have a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours.

There might be Miroir projectors with higher lamp life. However, even if all of these projectors can run up to 20,000 hours without requiring a replacement, it’s still quite satisfactory.

Battery life

Battery life can also not be ignored if you can use the projector in unexpected places.

Upon judging the most popular Miroir projector, I concluded that the projector has cheaper options that have 1.5 hours, and the worthy options have 2 hours of battery life. It makes it the best projector for Netflix.

Supported screen size

We all know the company is known for the portability of its projectors. The portable projectors are easier to use, store, and transport. However, these projectors are not capable of lighting up a large-sized screen. So, like all portable projectors out there the Miroir projectors can only project an acceptable image on the 100″ screen. Some can light up a 120″ screen as well, however, 100″ is the suggested size.


Most of the economical Miroir packages include speakers as well. As the projectors are small and made to serve small needs. Therefore, the projector comes with built-in 2W or 3W speakers.

The 2W or 3W speakers are powerful enough to produce satisfactory sound in a small room.


The Miroir projectors were designed and crafted to assist with entertainment needs. To be more specific, small entertainment needs. You can play games or watch your favorite movies without any hassle.


The Miroir projectors are kept highly economical. The company is offering projectors at $90 to $210. Isn’t it an economical deal?


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