6 Best Gobo Projector in 2022

GOBO (Goes Between Optics) projectors project a wide array of colors, patterns, shapes, and images on all sorts of occasions. They are mostly used for weddings, corporate functions, and advertising campaigns.

A gobo projector needs to have several advanced functions to keep pace with the requirements of the event and the workplace.

Types of templates, their durability, price, longevity of use, brightness, power output, and resolution are some of the important factors to be considered when buying the best GOBO projector for weddings.

Taking all these factors into account, we have compiled a list of the best GOBO projectors.

Best Gobo Projector Reviews

1. DragonX GOBO Light Projector

This GOBO projector is reliable, bright, and affordable suitable for party and event decoration.

It is extremely efficient, compact, and easily usable. As you can tell by the size, this portable projector can be conveniently carried anywhere. In case of budget restraints, this projector would be the right fit.

Design – It is made with an 8mm high definition optical lens that projects films and logos in a high-resolution sharp pattern. The projection distance range stands at up to 15 meters.

Working – It can project in any direction thanks to the 360° auto-rotation, moreover, manual zooming and rotating speed adjustment gives you more control of the tool and projection light.

Films – The package includes six replacement films fit for a variety of events. Additionally, 2 empty glass films are provided for you to unleash your creativity and customize.

Application – It offers a wider range of applications with creative lighting decorations for weddings, DJ shows, discos, home parties, clubs, business events, and outdoor landscapes.


  • IP65 water-resistant build
  • Portable, lightweight, and compact
  • Comes with 6 replacements and 2 extra films
  • Easy slide-changing process


  • Does not display adequately in bright rooms

2. ADJ Products GOBO Projector IR

This is a high-end projector with several advanced features and projection lighting effects.

ADJ Gobo projectors are widely used for weddings and party decorations as well as corporate functions.

Indoor and outdoor landscape decorations will look realistic with high-resolution patterns and color gels.

Function – This 12W LED projector is designed with four custom GOBO patterns and color gels. It also supports custom GOBOs for special events and company logos.

FX Switch – An FX Switch is integrated into the rear panel to control static or slow rotation, the 13-degree beam angle with manual focus offers more control.

Light Source – The reliable LED light source has a long service life of up to 30000 hours, it will certainly last many events before replacement.

Usage – This GOBO projector is a useful and practical solution for nearly any event or theme, it can project on ceilings, walls, and floors.


  • Comes with three metal and a glass GOBO pattern
  • Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow color gels
  • 13 degrees beam angle
  • Bright LED light


  • Slow rotation

3. Logobos 20W LED GOBO Logo Projector

This advanced Logobos 20W LED GOBO projector is specifically designed to add colors to pretty much any situation and arena.

In terms of quality and construction, it is counted among the best GOBO projectors available in the market. It is a versatile device that decorates a variety of places without hassle.

Functioning – This 20W GOBO light has 3000K Color Temperature and 1600 lumens of brightness for sharp, authentic, and high-definition projection. The waterproof, all aluminum alloy shell offers durability and longevity.

Projection – With a projection range of 0-90°, the projection pattern, size of the pattern, and distance can be easily adjusted to project a clear image.

Pattern – The customer gets a single color custom pattern which is shipped separately after a high-definition picture is sent to the manufacturers.

Application – This top-notch projector is recommended for advertising campaigns, corporate events, business dinners, discos, clubs, hotels, KTV, bars, banquets, Christmas, Halloween, weddings, and family gatherings.


  • Energy-efficient light source
  • Internal cooling system
  • Convenient installation
  • IP20 waterproof body


  • Does not come with helpful instructions

4. HILITING LED Logo GOBO 30W Projector

HILITING is bound to come up whenever you are searching for a GOBO projector. It efficiently projects any artwork, business ideas, promotional information, and safety signs for personal events or corporate functions. The projector displays images with utmost clarity in dim and bright lighting conditions.

Optics System – It has a high-performing lens, 30W LED light, 6500K color temperature, and 2400 lumens brightness.

The luminous beam projects images on a variety of surfaces and in several lighting conditions.

Durability – The aluminum alloy build resist damage and rust from continuous use. Durable housing makes it long-lasting and efficient at heat dispersion.

Glass Gobo – Unlike plastic and metal GOBO, glass GOBO projects complex images with high clarity. It can be reused multiple times for other events as well.

Installation – It can be installed on the floor, wall, or ceiling within minutes without any professional assistance. It provides installation flexibility with a special GOBO support design.


  • Multiple projection ranges
  • User manual in several languages
  • Free custom glass GOBO
  • Non-corrosive case
  • Efficient heat sink


  • No lens cap

5. INSTAGOBO 15W LED GOBO Light Projector

INSTAGOBO is a reliable GOBO projector manufacturer with many similar products available in different price ranges.

It takes the load for effective business campaigns and promotional material. This device is used widely for appreciation dinners, business banquets, weddings, discos, pubs, and outdoor promotions.

Lighting – Monogram lighting is suitable for weddings and reception ceremonies, making decorations unique and one-of-a-kind.

Quality – Aluminum alloy housing, water resistance, heat pipe, and internal cooling system contributes to providing a longer service lifespan.

Safety Signs – It projects clear safety signs even in high traffic areas. Instead of frequent repainting, use this projector to replace GOBO and display new signs.

Optical Lens – The superior quality optical lens projects a high-definition image. 99.9% light transmittance and high-temperature resistance make the projection sharp and vivid.


  • 15° to 25° beam angle
  • Quick and flexible installation
  • 23ft projection range in dark/dim areas and 10ft in bright areas
  • Lightweight


  • Poor customer support

6. HILITING LED Logo GOBO 40W Rotating Projector

Another gem from HILITING that displays your Gobo in full color and lighting. The ergonomic design allows installation flexibility as it can be mounted on walls, floors, or ceilings.

It also supports several projection ranges for dark, dim, and bright areas. The projector can be controlled with a handy remote to project complicated designs.

Brightness – It is one of the brightest projectors on the list with a 40W OSRAM LED. Equipped with a bright beam, this tool is fit for commercial advertising, corporate functions, and family events.

Glass GOBO – It comes with a high-quality, multi-purpose glass GOBO that can be used several times for projecting complex and intricate images.

Waterproof – Durable casing made from high-quality, non-corrosive Aluminum Alloy that is not only sturdy but perfect at heat dissipation as well.

Remote Control – The remote control has four main functions: Pattern stationery, Pattern 360° Rotation, Light On, and Light Off.


  • Free custom glass GOBO delivered separately
  • IP65 weatherproof rating
  • Easy installation and operations
  • Comes with a power cord and remote control


  • No cons yet

Things to Consider When Buying GOBO Projector

The right choice depends on the following factors

Types of GOBO

There are mainly three types of GOBO templates; Plastic, Metal, and Glass. Metal or steel GOBOs are undoubtedly durable but do not support high resolution and can not project complex patterns and images with ease.

Although expensive and less durable, Glass GOBOs are efficient at projecting complicated patterns with a high level of detail and accuracy.

Plastic ones are affordable and long-lasting, these GOBO templates are capable of projecting images, shapes, patterns, and lines with extreme clarity.


The type of light source and the lumen ratings depend on the environment and lighting where you intend to use the projector. For indoor, dimly-lit venues, choose a projector with a low lumen rating at a lower cost.

For outdoor or bright areas, the projector needs to have excellent brightness capabilities, therefore, it must have a lumen rating of over 2500 lumens. Moreover, the contrast ratio should be 3000:1 at the very least.

Lamp Power

Projectors either have LED, lamp, or laser light sources. Power output and throw distance matter when determining the distance between the screen and the projector.

20W projector would be sufficient if the screen is just 3-5 meters away, choose a 30W projector for 5-9 meters distance, and a powerful 50-65W is required for 9-15 meters distance.


Good GOBO projectors are lightweight and take up limited space. Many projectors weigh less than 2 lbs for convenient installation, transportation, and storage.


Squeezing in the right GOBO projector within the budget range is a bit difficult but not impossible. The cost of a projector is dependent on many functions, take into account your requirements, and do not go for anything extra to stay within the budget.


With these amazing picks, you can find the right projector to make your event memorable and fun.

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