Are 1200 Lumens Bright Enough for a Projector?

Projectors are generally hired for one purpose that is to obtain a bigger and brighter picture.

That’s the one major reason why we all are often concerned about the projector’s brightness at the time of purchase.

The projector’s brightness is measured in lumens and it is said the more lumens the better.

There are 1000, 1200, 2000, 2500, 4000, and even 5000 lumens projectors. However, the most commonly used ones are 1200 and 2500 lumens projectors.

A 2500 lumens projector is a fine option, it works for almost all sorts of projection needs.

However, the 1200 lumens is questionable when we try to judge the two commonly used projectors on the ground of brightness.

Are 1200 Lumens Bright Enough for a Projector?

1200 lumens is a fine option if the need is small or the projector is being hired to serve in a small 100% light-controlled room.

However, if the need is bigger and the projector is supposed to serve in a not well-controlled room, it would not be a better option.

The 1200 lumens projectors are good for a few projections activities and it’s inefficient for some activities as well.

Here’s what it is good and bad for;

1200 Lumens Brightness Activities

The 1200 lumens are bright for;

  • Little home theatre
  • Classroom
  • Gaming

1. Little home theatre

Gone are the days when projectors were used only in offices and schools. It is now being used in building a little home theatre as well.

A home theatre is usually set up in a small light controlled room, therefore the 1200 lumens projector is a fairly bright option for your little movie night needs.

2. Classroom

Projectors are commonly used in schools these days. In the most advanced schools, almost every classroom and conference halls have a projector.

1200 lumens is bright enough for a classroom however for a conference hall or any other bigger need, it may not be a fine option. You have to get 2000+ lumens for the job.

3. Gaming

The gaming case is not so different from the home theatre’s case. Gaming is often done in a small light controlled dorm room as well.

Therefore, both for one and multiple players games 1200 lumens projector would work well.

1200 lumens Inefficient Activities

The 1200 lumens is inefficient for;

  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Movie theatres

1. Offices

In the offices, projectors are hired to display numerical figures, diagrams, and text. Therefore, the projector has to project brighter, clearer, and more readable images.

This need can only be fulfilled by a 2000+ lumens projector, 1200 lumens would light up a screen but the content would not be clear.

2. Meeting rooms

Whether the meeting room is small or big, the projector has to be super bright. For a meeting room, not investing in a 1200 lumens projector would be a better idea.

3. Movie theatres

The movie theatre is one place that is 100% light controlled. However, movie theatres are usually expended over several acres.

Therefore, a 1200 projector even in the darkest hall can not produce the brightest result to serve each viewer equally. 5000 lumens might be perfect for a movie theatre, 1200 lumens is inefficient for the job.

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