Native Dxyiitoo Projector Review

The projectors going to be used for business presentations are just supposed to be purchased carefully.

The home theater projectors have to be judged and searched and bought carefully as well.

Even for unprofessional purposes such as home entertainment, the projector has to be bright, vivid, and have impressive lamp life.

The excessive demand for home theater projectors has led several companies to manufacture home theater projectors.

Dxyiitoo is one of the few brands that came forward to fulfil the growing demands of the industry.

Dxyiitoo has a lot to offer however the company earned the most fame from the home theater projectors.

Since the company often gets praised for the home theater projectors, there must be something that makes the projectors worth considering.

Each home theater projector this company has made is worth-considering, however, there is one that won my heart. That’s Native Dxyiitoo 1080p. Here’s why.


As usual, I judged the Dxyiitoo projectors by their appearance first. Upon judging the projector by its appearance, I find the projector to have a pretty unique design and perfect projector for garage.

The projector comes in white color and it is more or less of the same size as regular projectors.

Image quality

What impressed me the most about this Native Dxyiitoo projector is the image quality.

The 4K supported the resolution, 8500 lumens, and 10,000:1 contrast ratio making the projector nearly unmatchable.

I must admit here that none of the projectors I have reviewed before has as impressive image quality as this one.

Therefore, I have to say that this Dxyiitoo native 1080p tops the list of my economical projectors.

Wifi and Bluetooth

If I had to describe the projector in a few words, I would have said that the projector has all the qualities one can ask for.

The projector has Wifi and Bluetooth, this allows you to stream and connect to other devices wirelessly as well. Wouldn’t it be nice not to use an HDMI or any other connector to get done with the job? It surely would be.

Moreover, it also has a data cable connection as well. You can connect the iOS device and any Android device of your choice with the data cable.

For iOS, it requires you to use a lightning cable whereas, for Android devices you have to use the original data cable for any purpose.


The projector is designed and crafted to fulfill home entertainment needs. For ease of use, the projector has been made compatible with iOS/Android/PC/Xbox/PS4/TV Stick/HDMI/USB.

Supported screen size

The projector is crafted to put all the economical options to shade. Therefore, it supports large-sized screens.

As per the manufacturer, it can brighten up a screen size up to 300″ without compromising on the image quality. Whereas the other projectors of the same price can hardly support up to 170″.

Lamp life

You might have started expecting the Dxyiitoo native projector to have impressive lamp life. Well, if you have been expecting so let me inform you the projector “actually” does have a good lamp service life.

The lamp used in this projector is powerful enough to work up to 100,000 hours without demanding a replacement.


Like all the features of this projector, the price is surprising as well. The company has packed all the best features and is selling it just for 189.98. So, if you are searching for an economical projector and do not want to compromise on the quality as well. This is the right option. You can consider it for your home entertainment needs without any doubt.

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