How to Connect a Wii to a Projector?

Thinking of trying the old-school Wii console and not sure how to connect it? Wii is not that hard to connect. You can connect it to your projector and play games on the big screen the same way as you connect the modern consoles. To be more specific here’s the easy way out;

How to Connect a Wii to a Projector?

Wii can be connected to a projector either via HDMI or VGA cable. Both methods are equally popular and easy, here’s how you can connect using the HDMI and the VGA cable.

Connecting Wii using HDMI

Most gamers opt for this method. To connect Wii this way, you will need an HDMI cable and a connector.

  • Unpack the HDMI cable and turn on the projector; The first step towards the goal is to unpack the HDMI cable and turn on the projector by plugging in a reliable power source.
  • Plug in the HDMI cable; Once the projector is on, you have to connect one end of the HDMI cable to the connector and the other end to the HDMI port on the projector.
  • Connect it to the Wii; Connect the connector to the Wii. Double-check that the cables and the connector are connected properly.
  • Power on the Wii and get the content on screen; Now that the Wii is connected to the projector, turn on the Wii console and see if you get the content on screen or not. If the connection is made properly, the projector screen should show the Wii home screen. If you do not get the Wii home screen on the projector screen, go check the projector’s input settings and set it to HDMI input. The content will begin displaying on the screen.

Connecting Wii using VGA

Connecting Wii to a projector via VGA is also fairly easy. This works for projectors that do not support HDMI. If your projector does not support HDMI, here’s how you can resolve the issue with the VGA cable.

If the projector only supports VGA;

  • Find the VGA ports; The Wii console and the projector would be connected via VGA the same way as HDMI, it’s just that you do not need a connector to do so. Find the VGA port on the projector and the Wii console to move forward.
  • Connect the VGA cable; The same way as HDMI is connected, connect one end of the VGA cable to the Wii’s VGA port and plug in the other end to the projector’s VGA port.

If the projector supports HDMI but you have to connect it through VGA;

  • Invest in an adapter; If the projector supports HDMI but your concern is to connect it through a VGA cable, you have to get an adapter.
  • Connect the Wii and projector via cable and adapter; Connect HDMI to VGA adapter to the Wii console and take the other end of the adapter and connect it to the projector’s VGA port. Double check the wires should be connected properly otherwise you would never be able to get the Wii home screen on the projector screen.


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