How Far Projector Should be from Screen?

Have you ever been told to get an impressive image on a screen having a suitable projector and the screen is not enough? There needs to be a light-controlled environment. More importantly, the projector and the screen have to be installed at the right distance.

Most people struggle with finding the appropriate distance between the projector and the screen.

Hanging the screen at an appropriate distance is super important as otherwise, you would not be able to get a satisfactory image. Want to know what is the ideal distance?

How Far Should the Projector be from the Screen?

An accurate answer to the question “how far should the projector be from the screen?” can not be given. It’s because each projector’s requirements are different. What’s the ideal distance between your friend’s projector may not be a suitable distance for yours.

However, generally, the short-throw projectors require the screens to be hung just a few feet above. Whereas, the traditional ceiling mount projectors require the screen to be at least ten or more feet away.

Therefore, you have to find out how far the projector should be from the screen yourself. Want to know what you have to do to answer this question for yourself?

Distance Between the Projector and the Screen

There are two ways to find out how far the projector should be from the screen. You can either read the projector’s user manual thoroughly, or the manufacturer usually mentions the ideal maximum and minimum distance.


Sometimes it is written in the product description on Amazon as well. So, if you do not want to put too much effort to find out, read the manual and the product description to know what’s the ideal distance for your projector.

The other way is to calculate it yourself. You can calculate to find out and double-check whether the manufacturer has been suggesting right? To calculate the distance you need to know the projector’s throw distance and the screen’s width. Make sure the screen is not split.

The throw distance is given in the projector’s manual to allow the user to calculate the ideal spacing between the projector’s lens and the screen.

You can find the throw distance in the projector’s manual and there is no need to tell how to measure the screen width, right?


Multiply the throw distance with the screen width the answer would be how far the projector should be from the screen. In other words, the distance of the projector from the screen = throw distance x screen width.

For example, if the projector’s throw distance is 2.0 and the screen’s width is 87″. 2.0 x 87″ = 174″. Now you need to place the projector 174″ away from the screen to project an impressive image on the screen.

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