3 Golf Simulator Projector Placement Ideas

Want to play golf indoors? What better way than building your own golf simulator space? All you need is a golf simulator projector and a spare bedroom or basement to turn into a golf course. It is a very thrilling and new experience for golf players.

Setting up a golf simulator projector has its challenges, for instance, space, projector placement, and others.

Finding a safe place to mount is the biggest challenge a golfer would face during the installation. Golf simulator projector placement plays a key role to provide an immersive experience.

Golf Simulator Projector Placement

In short, the unit should be placed far enough away from the swing area, so that the golfer does not nail the projector with the club or a ball. Also, it does not have to be mounted right behind the player resulting in shadow being projected on the screen.

Here are some of the places to install the projector to keep it and the screen out of danger.

1. Ceiling

Commonly, users prefer to mount the projector to the ceiling regardless of the purpose of buying the projector.

Ceiling-mounted projector saves space and is perfect for permanent installation.

The ceiling mount is an excellent choice for a golf simulator setup to keep the projector out of swinging clubs, flying balls, and walking people.

Ideally, the ceiling projector should be placed far enough behind the golfer to keep it out of the way of the balls.

It must be installed at the right angle to make the projected image fill up the screen nicely. There is no risk of the ball or the club hitting the projector when it is mounted above and behind the projector.


  • It allows safe and more permanent installation
  • It keeps the projector out of the flying balls and people walking
  • Keeps the floor space cleared to give the golfer enough room to play
  • The power cord and wiring stay out of the playing area


  • It is harder to adjust and change the settings of the ceiling-mounted projector

2. Floor

Floor mounting is a bit tricky and not as straightforward as ceiling installation. Extra precautions should be taken if the user is considering a floor mount.

Floor-based projectors must be placed in front of the golfer to avoid shadow projection on the screen.

With floor mounting, the user has to be extra careful as the projector will be likely in danger of bouncing balls. A shield cover or protective case is a necessity to protect the projector.

For this kind of setup, the golfer should only invest in a short-throw or ultra-short-throw projector.


  • It offers easy adjustments and allows changing the projector positioning to watch movies or play games
  • In case the ceiling height is lower, floor mounting is the next best option
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Cons
  • It may be in the way of people walking and bouncing balls may damage the projector

3. Cart/Table

If the projector can not be mounted to the ceiling or floor, commonly, the other option to go to is to place it on a table or a cart. Only opt for this setup if you have enough space available.

Generally, cart mounted setup should be avoided as it takes up unnecessary space and there is a chance of projecting a golfer’s shadow on the screen.

Impact of Image Adjustment Features

Keystone Correction

This function allows the projector to project a rectangular image despite being placed off-center. It comes in handy when the user wants to floor mount or side mount the projector.

The user can not rely solely on the keystone correction feature as it results in losing image clarity. Often, the projector needs to be repositioned if it is placed at an odd angle.

Zoom Lensing

Zoom lensing allows golfers to increase or reduce the size of the projected image either manually or digitally. The image size can be changed by 10% or 20% to fit the projection screen.


To sum up, find a safer spot for a golf simulator projector to keep it out of danger. Ideally, ceiling mounting is a good option, however, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for golf simulator projector placement and varies depending on the space and requirements.

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