How to Get Rid of Vertical Lines on Projector?

Are your projector constantly showing vertical lines? It is just another common projector issue that almost all projector owners have faced at some point. Fortunately, it is a sealable issue and often gets fixed without any professional help. Here’s what you can do to fix the issue;

How to Get Rid of Vertical Lines on Projector?

To get rid of the annoying vertical lines and begin watching movies as you normally do, here’s what you have to do;

1. Hold the projector firmly in its place

hold projector

To have your issue resolved, the first thing that you have to do is hold the projector firmly on the top. Place your thumb on the projector’s top about 2.5 to 3 inches behind the screen size dial.

Gently, press the projector inside. Now, while pressing the projector on the top, place your hand at the bottom and apply pressure. While applying pressure on the projector from the top and the bottom, have your eyes on the lines

2. Notice the lines

Usually, when the projector is being squeezed, the lines change as the pressure is applied. Therefore, it is highly likely that because of the pressure, you would notice the same. So, continue applying pressure at different degrees of firmness and notice the lines

3. Secure the cables properly

secure cables

Sometimes the poorly connected cables also cause the projector to show vertical lines. Therefore before investigating the matter further and finding a solution, try unplugging the cables and plugging them again securely

Most of the time pressing the projector from top to bottom helps you get rid of the lines. It often happens when by pressing the projector the lines start to change color or get farther apart.

Pressing the projector from the top to bottom for a little more time would surely help you get rid of the issue. However, if the lines do not disappear you may have to try something else. Here’s what you can do when squeezing the projector does not help;

4. Reach out to the main board

Since the issue remains intact, there is no other way but to reach out to the main board and find out the cause. Therefore, take no time in reaching out to the main board and examining it thoroughly. You can reach out to the main board by opening up the projector and removing the main board cover

5. Press the main board down gently

Once the main board is exposed, try pressing it down with gentle hands. You have to be very careful at the time of pressing the main board down as it’s sensitive, a little carelessness can make things even more complicated

6. check if the lines have disappeared

If there is no major main board issue, the lines would disappear. So, you would have to go back and check the status of this projector problem

7. Clean, repair, or replace the mainboard

If the verticle lines do not disappear, you have clean, repair, or replace the mainboard. Cleaning can be done easily. However, for the repair or replacement, you have to contact a professional

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these lines on my projector?

The projectors often show lines because of some poorly connected cables or mainboard issues. These two are the major causes of lines on the projector, therefore, you have to test the cables and the main board to identify and resolve the issue.

How do I fix the vertical lines on the Epson projector?

Fixing the vertical lines on the Epson projector is much easier than on the other projectors. All you have to do is press the auto button on the remote, the projector would reset its tracking and sync settings and the issue would be resolved.

Can you remove the vertical lines on the projector yourself?

Yes, you can remove the vertical lines on your projector yourself if the main board does not demand repair or replacement. To get rid of these vertical lines, you have to press the projector from the top and bottom and secure the cables.


In brief, To fix the vertical lines, apply pressure on the projector at the top and the bottom, and secure the cables. If the issue does not get resolved, check the main board, press the main board down and clean it thoroughly. Otherwise, you have to hand over the job to a professional.


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