The Faltopu Mini Projector Review in 2024

Faltopu Mini Projector is making waves with its compactness and massive projection size.

It is tiny yet mighty and will most likely meet your expectations and projection requirements.

Most important of all, it is available at a very low price point, making it one of the most affordable projectors out there.

It may not have as many features as the likes of high-end Epson, Optoma, BenQ, or ViewSonic projectors. However, it offers the value of money by packing dozens of functions in compact housing.

If you want to know more about this cute projector, follow along to learn what it entails.

Faltopu Mini Projector Review

Faltopu Mini Projector Review

Faltopu Mini projector may appear tiny and ordinary but it is capable of giving tough competition to its counterparts.

It was upgraded last year to improve the projection quality and optimize projected images.

Most people consider it a TV for traveling that’s easy to pack and carry. What really grabs the attention of many aspiring users is the low purchase price.

Pay approximately $50 and have it delivered to your doorstep, as simple as that.


Most customers want the projector to have the same features as high-end units but not at an unthinkably high cost. This mighty projector packs many features that a user absolutely needs.


This native resolution of this 2.4″ mini projector is upgraded to 854*480. The max display resolution supported by the projector is 1080p for projecting detailed images.

480p native resolution with 1080p input and super real colors projects a clear, stunningly beautiful image beyond your expectations.

The picture quality, brightness, and color accuracy match 4.0-inch mini projectors.


60 ANSI lumens produce a clear and bright picture in completely dark settings.

Evidently, this projector can not be used in dimly or moderately lit places, however, it never fails to impress with its picture quality in dark rooms.

Furthermore, it features the latest 4.0 LCD display and diffuse reflection technology that make the image appear brighter and clear.

As claimed by the manufacturer, it has nearly similar brightness to 80% of 4.0-inch projectors.

WiFi Connectivity

It is rare for projectors to support WiFi connections at a low purchase price, especially 2.4-inch projectors.

Fortunately, this WiFi projector allows easy setup and stable WiFi connection with other devices.

Smartphone Connection Supported

This projector allows you to project content from a smartphone and tablet via a WiFi connection.

If the WiFi connection is not working, utilize a USB cable to HDMI adapter for connection to the projector. Besides smartphones, it can be connected to tablets, laptops, and other devices.


It has nearly similar connection ports as high-end projectors to facilitate connection with many multimedia players. The projector features HDMI, USB, TF Card, and AV interface.


Currently, it is hard to find an ultra-portable projector like this one. The 2.4-inch handy little projector is compact, lightweight, and cost-effective.

It is not only easy to transport but can also be placed in small kids’ rooms and medium-sized conference rooms.


Faltopu Mini Projection unit is equipped with a built-in HiFi speaker to provide loud, original audio fidelity, and stellar sound quality. If you are projecting outdoor to a wider audience, connect external speakers using an aux cable.

Cooling System

It has an advanced cooling system that prevents it from overheating without producing audible fan noise.

Projection Size

Although it is a small projector, it can project from 60″ to 80″ from a projection distance of 2.5m. Simply adjust the focus to get the best picture quality on the screen.


  • No Keystone – It does not have a keystone correction function to adjust the picture on the screen. However, this image alignment function may not be as important when projecting an 80″ image.
  • Not Enough Brightness – 60 ANSI brightness limits it to be used in a completely dark room. The projected picture will be dull and faded even in dimly lit areas.

Pros and Cons of Faltopu Projector


  • 480p resolution with 1080p input
  • Good color performance
  • Reasonably priced
  • Decent HiFi Speakers
  • Versatile speakers
  • Compact enough to fit your hand
  • Lightweight and ultra-portable
  • Supports WiFi connection
  • Quiet cooling system
  • 3 years after-sales services


  • No HD or crisp video quality
  • Limited focus


If you want it as a traveling companion, it will surely provide entertainment on the go. For office use or home theater setup, it is not as advanced to get you the best picture quality.

The small size may not fool you, it packs a lot of features. In simple words, it offers value for money by delivering dozens of functions within a reasonable price range.

It is fit for kids’ rooms, Halloween parties, Christmas celebrations, small dorm rooms, or the backyard. It can be placed in any room and does not have many placement requirements. After knowing all about this tiny projector, decide if you want to go for it.


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