Do Epson Projectors Have Bluetooth?

A few decades back, we were introduced to Bluetooth. We immediately decided to add this feature to phones; to share files, photos, and data conveniently. At that time the Bluetooth feature was found only in a limited number of devices.

However the situation is quite different now, it is no longer a convenient phone feature. We now find it in headphones, speakers, televisions, and even projectors.

Bluetooth has made our life simple in many ways but what it has done to the projectors is worth admiring.

We no longer need cables or connectors to connect projectors to different external devices; as they can be connected via Bluetooth.

However, unfortunately, just as all projectors do not have HDMI ports, inbuilt speakers, or DVD players, all projectors do not support the Bluetooth feature as well. If you need a projector that supports a Bluetooth feature, you have to ask for it specifically.

Epson is one of the most trusted projector brands that has put all the Dell, Canon, Hitachi, InFocus, LG, and Optoma projectors under the shade.

Epson projectors are known for having all the latest features, delivering comprehensive projector, and display solutions.

Since Epson has all the latest features, what’s worth knowing is whether Epson projectors feature Bluetooth or not? Here’s the truth;

Do Epson Projectors Have Bluetooth?

Yes, Epson projectors have Bluetooth but not all projectors support the said feature. Only a few Epson models support wireless connections.

Epson Home Cinema 3200, Epson EF-100, Epson Home basement Cinema 3800, and Epson Powerlite W75 are the few murals painter Epson projectors that feature Bluetooth.

The Epson’s most recent models have Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity was limited to only a few electronic devices for quite some time.

So, the older Epson model does not support Bluetooth connectivity. Since we still do not mind using wires to connect devices, only a few newer models support this function.

So, if you want an Epson projector with Bluetooth, we suggest you look in the newer models.

Amazon is the best place to buy a projector from, look for the projectors that contain the word “Wireless” or “Bluetooth” in the title.

The mystery has been resolved that all Epson projectors do not support Bluetooth connectivity.

The few recent models allow you to connect via Bluetooth. Since we are discussing Epson’s projectors that support Bluetooth, here’s what else you need to know;

The Epson projectors with Bluetooth can only connect few devices

It must not be left uncommunicated that Bluetooth can only connect headphones, speakers, DVD players, and other such devices. Computers and laptops can not be connected via Bluetooth at all.

It might become possible in the future as we are moving towards advancement but for now, Bluetooth connectivity is limited to only a few devices.


The Epson models without Bluetooth are not any less versatile

Whether it’s the newest or the oldest model, Epson is known for its versatility. The older versions that do possess this function are not any less versatile.

They can easily be upgraded by using a Bluetooth adapter. So, if the feature makes the Epson projectors costly, you can invest in the older model and consider using a Bluetooth adapter.

The Bluetooth adapter is easier to find, it can easily be bought online.

The Epson projectors that support Bluetooth connectivity can also have inbuilt speakers and DVD player etc

The Epson Projectors don’t need to have Bluetooth and do not have inbuilt speakers or DVD players. The recent Epson Projector can have Bluetooth and inbuilt speakers or DVD players as well.

The Epson Bluetooth Projectors are easier to connect

What’s more convincing about the Epson projectors is that they are super easy to connect.

All you have to do is open your projector’s menu, navigate the setting and change it to Bluetooth, turn on the video source, switch to pairing or discovery mode, wait for the options to appear, select and connect. There, your job is done!

What to Expect from Epson’s Projectors with Bluetooth?

Though only a few devices can be connected to these Epson projectors wirelessly yet this addition makes them ultra-versatile. Here’s how;

  • These projectors would help you organize space efficiently
  • You would not have a pool of wires in your feet
  • The projector would not have many wires or other devices hanging close by. So, these projectors are much easier to clean and some new models comes with sound
  • These projectors do not require much space to be installed as the related devices can be adjusted somewhere else in the room
  • These projectors are electricity efficent
  • You will be able to stream videos more conveniently
  • Most Epson allow you to multiple connect up to 50 devices, there is no need to disconnect any device to connect to other
  • The projectors that support Bluetooth connectivity does not have poor image quality


In brief, the few recent Epson projectors do have Bluetooth. The older models do not support this function. If you are looking for a model that possesses this function, you have to look in the newer Epson additions.


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