Best Projectors With Horizontal Lens Shift

The best horizontal lens shift projector projects a perfectly aligned image without changing the projector’s position.

The horizontal shift feature comes in handy when placing a projector in a smaller room at an odd position.

Even when the projector is placed way off-center, the horizontal lens shift capability displays a perfectly square image without a drop in quality.

The lens shift projectors can be installed conveniently. However, this feature is available in only a few powerful, expensive models with many other advanced options like optical zoom, keystone, in-built speakers, and others.

Since these projectors are hard to find, we have compiled a list of the best projectors with horizontal lens shifts.

Best Projectors With Horizontal Lens Shift Reviews

  • Best Overall: Epson Home Cinema 3700 Home Theater Projector
  • Stackable Design: ViewSonic PRO9510L 6200 Lumens Lens Shift Projector
  • High Contrast: ViewSonic LS860WU Short Throw Laser Projector

1. Epson Home Cinema 3700 Home Theater Projector

This Epson projector has one of the rare features that only a few models have, its lens is capable of shifting horizontally.

Even when it is equipped with such an advanced option, the projector does not require you to break the bank to buy it.

It is a product of the renowned brand, allowing the horizontal lens shift, and that too at a reasonable price, what else can you wish for? With many installation-friendly features, it offers optimal positioning flexibility.

Resolution – The projector has Full HD 1080p resolution and up to 70000:1 contrast ratio for deep black levels.

The high resolution and contrast ratio preserves the rich details even in dark scenes. Moreover, it has 3000 lumens white brightness and 3000 lumens color brightness, making it fit for a variety of lighting conditions.

Image Enhancement Technology – This exclusive Epson image enhancement technology features Super-resolution with Detail Enhancement for projecting sharp, refined, clear, and lifelike images.

Easy Setup – It features plus/minus 60 vertical and/minus 24 horizontal lens shifts for easy installation. The 1.6x zoom also allows for an easy setup.

Audio – The two built-in, powerful, 10 W speakers produce enough sound for the audience to hear. The sound produced is lifelike and hiss-free.


  • Supports projection screen up to 120″
  • Optimized brightness and contrast
  • 3D compatibility
  • Compatible with HDMI and MHL-enabled devices
  • Capable of horizontal lens shift


  • Fan noise can be heard when in normal mode

2. ViewSonic PRO9510L 6200 Lumens Lens Shift Projector

What else could convince you more than this projector being Amazon’s Choice for “Lens Shift Projector”.

Simply swivel the lens in the horizontal or vertical direction to adjust the image without changing the position of the projector.

This lens shift option facilitates not-so-tech-savvy operators with the installation and positioning.

Coming from an industry-leading brand, this projector has a lot to give.

Besides the lens shifting feature, it allows you to benefit from many advanced options to make your viewing experience memorable every time.

Image Quality – With 6200 lumens of brightness and a high dynamic contrast ratio, you can expect better projection quality.

Equipped with an exclusive 6-segment color wheel for color accuracy and stunningly beautiful images.

Lens Shift – Lens shift option offers up and down, left and right adjustments of the projection lens, ensuring easy setup without having to move or reinstall projector elsewhere. The centered lens design allows easier lens replacement.

Installation – It can be installed in any horizontal or vertical orientation, at any angle. Either mount it pointing straight down at the floor or upside down at a 45-degree angle.

Connectivity – With many input options like HDMI, USB, and more, it supports PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and many media players.


  • 1.7x Optical Zoom Adjustment
  • 3-year limited parts and labor and 1-year lamp warranty
  • Stackable design
  • Super color technology


  • Manual zoom and focus

3. ViewSonic LS860WU Short Throw Laser Projector

Another horizontal lens shift projector from ViewSonic, it is not common for projectors in general to have this advanced feature.

However, manufactured by a reliable brand, you can surely trust the projector and what it promises.

With robust mechanical construction, versatility, lens shift, and 360-degree orientation, the installation of this projector is not challenging at all.

It also has a wide array of connectivity options making it compatible with many devices.

Resolution – The projected image is crisp, bright, captivating, and clear with 5000 lumens of advanced brightness, 300,000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio, and SuperColor™ technology.

It is equipped with better image resolution and other options to make it perfect for big venues.

Lens Shift – The vertical/horizontal lens shift offers extreme mounting flexibility. Vertical/Horizontal keystone, 4-corner adjustment, and 360-degree tilt angle projection ensure easy setup even in the most challenging installations.

Throw Distance – This short throw projector has a 0.8 throw ratio for larger image projection in smaller rooms.

Any blinding lights, distracting shadows, and glaring hotspots are all eliminated as the light source is closer to the screen.

Light Source – Equipped with long-lasting, low maintenance, and energy-efficient phosphor light source with a service life of up to 20000 hours.


  • 1.2x optical zoom
  • Projects images in portrait orientation
  • Integrated one-wire HDBT input for receiving uncompressed HD video and audio
  • High contrast and brightness
  • Update software easily via mini USB


  • Expensive

4. Epson Home Cinema 3100 Home Theater Projector

It looks quite similar to Epson Home Cinema 3700, a sibling, perhaps. Like the aforementioned Epson projector, it is also capable of shifting the lens horizontally.

Being cheaper than many other models, this projector from Epson offers features that many other projectors lack.

The projector is not very portable, therefore, needs to be mounted in one place, that’s when horizontal lens shift comes in handy for image adjustment.

Moreover, apart from the looks, its features are also almost similar to Home Cinema 3700 as well.

Resolution – Designed with Full HD 1080p resolution for better image quality.

It also features 2600 lumens of color brightness and 2600 lumens of white brightness for producing a brighter image, even in moderately-lit space.

The 60000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio provides stunningly detailed visuals.

Image Enhancement Technology – This technology exclusive to Epson projectors is equipped with Super-resolution and Detail Enhancement for projecting images with lifelike smoothness and clarity.

Lens Shift – Equipped with wide vertical and horizontal lens shift to adjust the lens vertically or horizontally to align the image without having to move the projector to a different position. The 1.6x zoom lens makes the projector placement easier and flexible.

Connectivity – It is capable of projecting images from MHL-enabled smartphones, tablets, and streaming devices. It supports laptop/computer, game console, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Blu-ray, cable box, Apple Tv, and camera.


  • Equipped with 2D & 3D Full HD technology
  • Supports up to 300″ of the projection screen
  • Wide vertical and horizontal lens shift and optical zoom adjustment
  • Deep black levels with a high contrast ratio
  • Image enhancement technology


  • A bit noisy

How to Find Right Projector With Horizontal Lens Shift?

Not all projectors are equipped with this luxurious horizontal lens shift feature, therefore, you need to check carefully whether the model you selected has this option or not.

Besides the lens shift option, a projector has to have many other features to work as desired by the owner. If you are purchasing a projector for the first time, make sure to check the following features.

Lens Shift

The availability of the lens shift feature allows the projection lens to be moved up and down, left and right within the projector housing.

The lens can be adjusted manually with a joystick, a dial, or through the menu buttons.

Place the projector in nearly any room, the extra repositioning space promises easier setup.

The lens shift allows positioning the projection lens in the right direction without having to move the projector physically to a different place.

Type of Lens Shift

Within the lens shift features, you get multiple options; vertical lens shift, horizontal lens shift, and diagonal shift, etc.

Depending on the type of lens shift, the projection lens can be moved horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Vertical lens shift is a somewhat common feature whereas not many projectors have horizontal lens shift.

Performing a range of movements, these projectors with horizontal lens shifts are easier to install.

It shifts the image left and right for a perfect, straight-edged image with a uniform focus.

Horizontal lens shift helps get the right image, even when the projector is placed off-center.

Some projectors are equipped with a power adjustment feature whereas others only support manual lens shift.


Pay attention to the resolution of the projector, the higher it is, the better. For displaying videos and data, it is appropriate to buy a 720p or 1080p projector.

If you do not want to overpay for the detailed images, stick to a 720p projector.

The optimal choice for better projection would be 1080p or 4K resolution.

Two other features that enhance the image quality are the brightness and contrast ratio.

Choose the projector with a specific lumens rating depending on the room lighting where the projector would be placed.

Ideally, the projector brightness should not be less than 3000 lumens.

Moreover, the contrast ratio should be more than 5000:1 to not lose any details of the dark scenes.

Projection Distance

Opt for a short-focus or short throw projector when buying one for small spaces. The short-throw projector projects a larger image from 1.5 meters throw distance.

If the room is even smaller, buy an ultra-short-throw projector with a projection distance of 0.3m.

Input Options

A projector needs to have a variety of input options to connect media devices.

The popular input option for projectors is HDMI ports, whereas, many projectors are also accompanied with VGA port, 3.5mm input, USB port, and more.


In brief, the aforementioned list has a few horizontal lens shift projectors that can facilitate easy installation.

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