7 Best Projector For Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is widely used by artists and creatives to bring art to life for its attention-grabbing effect.

Images, geometric shapes, and logos are projected onto 3D surfaces for a hyper-realistic experience.

Having the best projector ensures great projection mapping with incredible detail and picture quality. It is easy to get caught up because of dozens of options and overlook important specifications.

Explore the following list to get the best projector for projections and the factors to consider while picking one.

Best Projector For Projection Mapping

1. Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD

It is recommended for projection mapping because of its large projection size and overall picture quality.

The projector is amply bright and delivers good quality images in dim and moderate lighting.

On top of that, it is lightweight and portable, therefore, perfect for outdoor set-ups as well as Full HD entertainment at home.

Resolution – It has a widescreen Full HD 1080p resolution, ‎15000:1 contrast ratio, and 3100 lumens of color and white brightness. The projector delivers large, clear, crisp, and seamless picture quality.

Innovative 3LCD Technology – Innovative 3LCD technology makes the image appear brighter with clear detail and authentic color reproduction. It also mitigates the rainbow effect and white brightness issues.

Projection Size – It is capable of projecting maps on surfaces as large as 300 inches. It is sufficient enough to cover large backgrounds, 25x larger than the 60” flat panel.

Image Adjustment – The 3-Axis motorized projection lens allows the lens to shift both horizontally and vertically. Move the lens 47% vertically and 96% horizontally to align images.


  • High picture quality and brightness
  • 15-element glass lens
  • MHL connectivity
  • 3LCD technology
  • Convenient operations


  • Audible cooling fan

2. YABER Y30 Native 1080P Projector

One of the big advantages of using YABER Y30 is its ultra-high brightness of 9500 lumens. It is bright enough for any kind of projection during the daytime.

This projector by Yaber also supports 3D projection mapping for movies and games.

It has spectacular color performance and decent light presentation for better projection mapping.

Resolution – Yaber Y30 projects a much clearer picture with native 1080p resolution. Combined with a 10000:1 contrast ratio and 9500L high brightness enhances the picture quality by multiple times.

X / Y Zoom Function – Besides 4D ±50°Keystone Correction, it has an X / Y Zoom Function that shrinks the image size up to 50% to adjust the image according to the screen size.

Mirroring – Using the right adapters and cables, project content from smartphones, MacBooks, tablets, and iPhones.

Lens Design – The HD reverse lens design hides the lens with a zoom ring to prevent scratching or accumulation of dust on the lens.


  • Delivers high-quality, crisper, and detailed images
  • Dual Stereo speakers (3W)
  • Low dispersion lens
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Giant projection size from 45″ to 300″
  • Wide compatibility


  • Manual focus control

3. ViewSonic PG800HD Projector

This short-throw projector is equipped with all the desirable features for projection mapping.

It allows extreme mounting flexibility and an easy setup to cover various backgrounds.

Moreover, it is capable of projecting larger-than-life images from small distances. It has high brightness and contrast for better viewing.

Resolution – It has a native 1080p resolution and a 50,000:1 contrast ratio for crisp and detailed projection.

High 5000 lumens brightness combats the effects of ambient lighting for a clearer, bright picture.

Color Accuracy – Viewsonic’s exclusive SuperColor technology is equipped with a 6-segment color wheel to reproduce a wide color range for beautiful, colorful images.

Image Adjustment – Even the most challenging installations, the projector will deliver proportioned images with 1.3x optical zoom, centered lens, vertical lens shift, and vertical keystoning.

Wireless Streaming – It features a discrete PortAll compartment that lets you stream multimedia content using an optical wireless dongle.


  • Bright, clear, 1080p images
  • SonicExpert technology for enhanced audio
  • Easy-access sleek top cover design
  • Wide compatibility
  • Auto power on/off function
  • 300″ inches of projection size


  • No horizontal keystone

4. BenQ HT8050 4K Cinema Projector

If the budget allows, this is one of the best projectors containing everything required for projection mapping.

It has a high contrast ratio and faithful reproduction of colors for projecting breath-taking, realistic images. This BenQ model is THX certified for authentic cinematic performance.

Resolution – The 4K UHD resolution makes it unbeatable when it comes to delivering clear, razor-sharp images. The high 50000:1 contrast ratio project darker blacks and brighter whites similar to cinema level.

Image Optimization – It projects optimized and stunningly beautiful images with Rec.709 color accuracy, precise gamma, ideal color temperature, and other modern technologies.

Image Adjustment – Expand installation possibilities with 1.5x big zoom, as well as horizontal and vertical lens shift.

Projection Size – It can project as large as 200″ and offer a wider viewing angle by using an optional anamorphic lens.


  • 4K UHD resolution
  • Thx certification
  • High contrast
  • Features two digital HDMI ports


  • Over 40 pages long user manual

5. Optoma GT1090HDR Theater Projector

This laser projector is chosen for projection mapping for its high resolution, contrast, and brightness.

Laser projectors are known for producing brighter images than other projector types, therefore, better for brighter and more detailed projection mapping. It projects well in any venue with ambient lighting.

Resolution – The native 1080p resolution with 4K input and HDR10 compatibility projects high-definition content without compression. 300,000:1 contrast ratio and 4200 lumens brightness render razor-sharp images.

Short-Throw – The short-throw lens projects 120″ images from 4-4″ away, simply place it closer to the screen on a nearby tabletop or other surfaces.

Light Source – DuraCore laser light source is durable and long-lasting that runs up to 30,000 hours, requiring no lamp and filter replacement for a long time.

Easy Installation – It offers extreme mounting flexibility with 1.3x zoom and ±30° vertical keystone.


  • 1080p resolution with 4K input
  • Full 3D capabilities
  • Signal power on
  • Reliable laser light source
  • IPX6 dust resistance


  • Clunky remote

6. BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector

This 4K projector by BenQ is definitely going to drop jaws with its overall picture quality.

It is capable of projecting images with incredible clarity and crisply defined details. Beyond that, it is loaded with numerous color optimization technologies to provide you with the best spectrum of colors.

Resolution – This dedicated projector delivers 3840 × 2160 resolution or 8.3 million pixels for each frame. HDR-PRO Tone Mapping, 30000:1 contrast ratio, and 2000 ANSI lumens brightness ensure an immersive cinematic experience.

Optimized Projection – It optimizes image projection with cinematic color, out-of-the-box color accuracy, certified calibration, HDR-Pro technology, and HDR and HLG support.

Lens – Specialized 10-element lens array provides optimal light penetration and prevents dispersion for better sharpness, clarity, and picture quality.

Easy Setup – Built-in zoom adjustment, auto vertical keystone, and vertical lens shift adjust the height of the image that matches the screen size.


  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution
  • Optimized mode for watching movies
  • Sleek, compact, and portable
  • Solid color accuracy


  • Average input lag

7. BenQ MW632ST WXGA Short Throw Projector

Another gem from BenQ, this projector has improved resolution for projection maps. It improves overall picture quality with clarity, contrast, solid color accuracy, and ample brightness.

Map your room and start projecting on the surface in real-time. Its wireless system needs to be admired for establishing hassle-free connections with compatible devices.

Resolution – It has a native resolution of WXGA resolution (1280×800), 2x greater than SVGA for better picture quality.

3200 lumens of brightness and ‎13000:1 contrast ratio deliver accurate, vivid color without losing details.

Office Mode – It displays clear text, graphs, and shapes with Data Review Mode, Presentation Mode, and Infographic Mode.

Mounting Flexibility – Auto keystone correction projects a perfectly square image even if the projector is not installed at a right angle.

Short Throw – 0.9 short lens design projects 30″ to 300″ image size from just a few feet away. The recommended size is 60″ to 120″ for optimal clarity.


  • Decent picture and audio quality
  • Intuitive controls
  • Power and energy-saving design with anti-dust sensor
  • Versatile connectivity


  • Rainbow effect

How to Pick Projector For Projection Mapping?


Projection mapping is usually done in moderately or brightly lit areas. Therefore, it is important to check the lumen ratings of a projector and the lighting conditions of the area where the mapping is supposed to take place.

Even with a strong contrast level, natural or artificial light will fade the image and colors, making it appear dull and washed out.

  • Dark Area – If the venue does not have enough lighting, invest in a projector with 1500-3000 lumens.
  • Bright Area – If the area has direct natural or artificial light, any projector with 4000 lumens would be able to do the job well.


Projection mapping is impossible without a show-stopping resolution. Choose between 1080p resolution and 4K model.

Though the price tag for these projectors varies a lot, 4K projection units are available for over $1000. If 4K is way out of budget, get a 1080p projector.

Additionally, a high contrast ratio helps showcase graphical details. Ideally, it should be approximately 50000:1 for projection mapping. If not possible, try to get a projector with over 10000:1 contrast ratio.

Image Size

Most projectors can project from 60″ to 300″, however, the image size is entirely dependent on the size of your background for the mapping.

You may have to sacrifice picture quality when projecting as large as 300 inches.

Mostly, manufacturers recommend the ideal projection screen size to be around 70″ to 120″.

Measure the background size and compare it with the supported projection size of the projector to see if it would be the right fit.

Throw Distance

The short-throw projector displays clear and large images without taking up too much space.

They can project an image as large as over 100″ from a few feet away, therefore, fit for small and medium-sized rooms.

Short throw projectors are preferred over long throw projectors as their projection size is larger than the distance of the projector from the background.


To summarize, this wraps up our guide for best projection mapping projectors, hopefully, you know plenty now to pick the right projection unit.

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