Artlii Pico Projector Review

Artlii Pico projector is the most popular ultra-portable projector out of the bunch. Many users opine that it is the best iPhone projector with a multitude of connection options. It ensures easy setup and makes watching movies as easy as pie.

The projector is fit for an indoor movie night with friends and family. It is easy to take outdoor or different destinations, simply pack it in your pocket or travel bag and go. Additionally, it is counted among the top pico projectors and definitely, a best seller.

Artlii Pico Projector Features

Undoubtedly, the Artlii Pico projector packs a punch in a minuscule package. This sub-$100 projector is affordable and offers value for money by providing multiple advanced functions.

Still, many potential buyers are skeptical of investing in it, no doubt, it has a few limitations similar to other projectors.

On the other hand, it also has a few unique features that you will likely not find in other projectors.


Although the projector has a low native resolution of 240p, it supports 1080p input to allow a better viewing experience.

Combined with a couple of image optimization technologies, it projects a pretty decent picture without costing a fortune.

It only has 600 lumens brightness, fit for a pocket-sized projector. At this lumen rating, it can only be used in nighttime or dark settings.

Too much ambient light will result in a washed-out picture. Moreover, it displays images with an 800:1 contrast ratio to add vivid details and is best for cookie decorating too.

Projection Size

This tiny projector supports projection sizes from 24″ to 60″ with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The projector needs to be placed at a projection distance of 0.8m to 2.0m.

This mini projector has about the same size as the phone and is thick like a cola can. It has a compact design which makes it fit any pocket or bag for easy transportation.

Powered By Power Bank

In case you have no access to electricity or a power source, the pocket projector can be easily charged through a power bank.

This makes it convenient to take while traveling, hiking, and camping.

Use HDMI WiFi display or Lightning to HDMI adapter for connecting iOS devices and MHL cable for Android devices.

In addition, the phone can also be easily connected to the projector through an extra WIFI Dongle or Chromecast.


It is equipped with HDMI, USB, Micro SD Card, Audio, and AV interface to connect to Chromecast, Tablet, Laptop, Macbook, Blu-ray Player, and DVD.

Limitations of Artlii Pico Projector

  • Low Brightness – The projector can not be used in ambient or direct lighting due to the low lumen rating.
  • Low Resolution – It has a low native 240p resolution, therefore, the picture is not as clear as expected.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable, ultra-portable, and eco-friendly
  • Charged with power bank
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Connection with Android devices and iPhone
  • Quieter operations
  • Built-in speakers
  • 30000 hours lifetime of the light source
  • Supports up to 60″ diagonal screen size
  • 1-month money-back policy
  • Perfect for kids


  • Requires adapters to connect with smartphones/iPhone
  • Low contrast
  • No built-in battery

Should You Buy Artlii Pico Projector?

Artlii Pico Projector

For $68.59, it offers several features that match the price point. The ultra-portability has made it a best-seller among the pico projectors. Moreover, it supports plenty of devices with its wide interface.

On the downside, the drawbacks of this projector can not be ignored, for instance, the lack of battery and low native resolution. Also, it projects well only in a dark environment. The projector is fit for indoor family movie nights but not anything more than that.

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