AODIN AirGo Pico Projector Review

AODIN AirGo projector is a great pick if you want a projector that literally fits your pocket. Similarly, it is approximately the same size as iPhone X and packs some really impressive specs in a small body. It is easily counted as one of the most ultra-portable projectors out there.

What’s even better, it supports a range of projection sizes and has wireless capability.

This pico projector is becoming the talk of the town thanks to its size. More and more people are considering buying this unit, well, this guide for AODIN AirGo Pico Projector review would help you assess the functionality of the model.

AODIN AirGo Pico Projector Features

The main selling point for this projector is the ultra-portability due to the palm-sized design. Put this battery-powered device in your pocket and watch entertainment content on the big screen for a couple of hours.

Like every other pico projector, it has several benefits and a few limitations that users should know about before buying.


The native WVGA 854*480 resolution projects a pretty decent picture on the big screen. Moreover, it supports 4K video decoding and DLP technology for a better visual experience.

It is meant for completely dark settings with 100 ANSI lumens. The projection will not appear washed out and faded, instead adequately clear with this lumen rating.

The native 1000:1 contrast ratio contributes to the clarity of the projection. Combined with DLP technology, it displays clear, crisp, and bright pictures and videos.


It is convenient to use for outdoor adventures, and the compact and portable design makes it fit almost any pocket or briefcase. The size of this projector is equivalent to the iPhone X for unparalleled convenience.

If the projector is placed off-center, the auto keystone correction fixes the vertical and horizontal distortion. ±40° auto keystone correction adjusts the angles automatically for perfectly proportioned images.

Rechargeable Battery

Built-in, large capacity, 4000mAh battery promises long endurance and sustainable use for 2 hours without connecting to a power source.

Power Bank

This multi-purpose device also acts as a power bank, if the need be. When fully charged, switch it to power bank mode to charge your phone. This makes it the perfect projector for cookie decorating.

Integrated EZCast, EZWire supports wireless mirroring and wireless casting. Connect your smartphone and tablet to the tiny projector via a stable WiFi connection to watch content easily.


It comes with a wide input interface including USB, HDMI, AV, and Micro SD slots to connect smartphones, laptops, cameras, DVD, X-Box, PS3/4, and other devices.

The RGB LED lights have a long-lasting lifespan of 30000 hours with no frequent replacements.

The integrated speaker with the best sound technology-SRS provides a clear and well-balanced sound.

Projection Size

It supports screen sizes of 30-120 inches from a projection distance of 1.6 to 10ft. For optimized visual experience, the recommended projection size is 80″ from a 5ft distance.


  • Low Brightness – Only 100 ANSI lumens are not sufficient for projecting a brighter picture.
  • Not For Business Use – It is fit for personal entertainment needs but does not meet the criteria for business or educational use.


  • Decent image resolution
  • Battery-powered
  • Can be used as a power bank
  • Long lamp life
  • Comes with a mini tripod
  • Supports WiFi connection


  • No HDMI adapter included
  • Low contrast ratio

Should You Buy AODIN AirGo Projector?

If buying an ultra-portable projector is your main goal, it fits the requirements perfectly. Moreover, it packs many features that other pico projectors lack. If you intend to use a projector for business or training, invest in a quality projector with higher resolution, brightness, and better visual performance.

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