Projector Connected But not Displaying, Solution

So you connected the projector like you normally do and it hasn’t shown any content? Do not panic.

It happens, sometimes even when the projector is connected, we get a blank screen to stare at. Almost all projector users have faced this issue at some point in their life.

The projector gives you a blank screen for many reasons. Almost all causes of the issues are minor. You can fix it back to perfection without any professional help. However, you can not fix it without knowing the cause.

Solution of Projector Not Displaying

The projector would not be displaying anything due to one of the common causes, here are the possible solutions.

Make the right connections

Out of all the causes, poor connections are the most common reason why the projector fails to display anything.

If your projector is not displaying anything due to poor connection, you are lucky as making the right connection would resolve the issue.

Check all the connections, unplug and plug again all the cables properly and see if the projector begins working up to perfection or not.

Replace the lamp

As long as the projector’s lamp keeps on working, the screen would keep on displaying content. When projector lamps go bad, the screen goes blank and remains blank until the lamp is replaced.

If in the past few weeks you notice the image flickering, color shifting, or you hear the popping sound, the lamp is expired.

You have to replace the lamp and your screen would surely begin showing content.

Resolution Alignment

Resolution alignment does not usually create an issue in the newest versions. However, the oldest versions require the resolution to be aligned manually.

If the projector requires you to align the resolution and you remain unaware of the need, the projector would fail to display anything. So, if resolution alignment is the issue, the only solution would either have to learn to do manual resolution alignment or get it done by a professional.

Replace the prism

A faulty prism can also be the biggest hindrance to the display. Therefore, the prism should be checked whenever you have to find out the cause of the blank screen.

The prism does not normally create issues however when it does replacement or purchase of the new projector is the only solution.

The projector’s prisms are super expensive, most people opt for purchasing a new projector instead. If your projector’s prism is not working properly, I would suggest you get a new projector as well.

Let the projector cool down

Sometimes overheating can cause the projector to stop working up to the user’s expectations temporarily.

This usually happens with the new projectors. If you find out that the projector is not working due to overheating, give your projector some time to cool down.

Furthermore, you have to double-check that the spot is well-ventilated. To prevent this from happening in the future, you have to install it in a well-ventilated place.


If you are ever caught in a situation where your projector is connected but it isn’t displaying the content, know that there would never the one cause. It would either be because of improperly connected cables, an expired lamp, a faulty prism, or poor resolution alignment.

You would have to find the cause and do something accordingly. If the cables are not connected properly connect them.

Replace the lamp if it’s expired, do the manual resolution alignment, or replace the projector if the prism should be blamed.

Sometimes the projectors fail to work up to the user’s expectations due to overheating, if everything else is fine you have to allow your projector to cool down a little. Moreover, you should move it to a well-ventilated spot as well.

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