Best Projector Calibration Tools

Projector color calibration is one of the easiest ways to improve picture quality. However, most of us ignore and do not give it due importance to optimize color reproduction. To achieve cinema-quality picture and color precision, you will be needing the right equipment.

There are multiple calibration tools or colorimeters available in the market compatible with projection screens. Invest in a calibrator that provides ease of use and good picture quality at an affordable price.

Projector calibrating tools are viable options for projector users to optimize picture quality. In this guide, you will learn all about projector calibration and devices.

Tools Required For the Projector Calibration

While calibrating the projector, you need the following equipment to improve the image quality

  • Projector Calibration Tool – A meter to measure, light, color level, brightness, sharpness, and other things. These handy little tools can easily calibrate a projection unit at home. A lot of color meters are available in the market that can be used to calibrate a projector.
  • Tripod – Investing in a tripod is necessary to hold the sensor device at the right height and distance from the projector screen.
  • Windows Laptop – A good Windows laptop is required to plug the projector and the sensor device. Moreover, install efficient calibration software for calibrating the projector.
  • Projector Calibration Software – Invest in quality online projector calibration tools to adjust the brightness, color, and contrast.

What is a Colorimeter?

Colorimeters are essential for better color reproduction and the best image possible. It is placed in front of the projector screen in a stationary position.

Accompanied with software, it is plugged into the USB port to calibrate the projector. They have four holes to read each light and color. These meters are designed to read Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow colors.

It works by reading the RGB value of the color and tweaking the color settings of the projector to the correct setting. Further, these tools are relatively inexpensive, easy to set up, and provide a satisfactory level of calibration.

Nevertheless, they have limited functionality, only having a few color filters. It is one of the wisest and easiest ways to adapt for home calibration.

Best Projector Calibration Tools

1. Datacolor SpyderX Elite

This display calibrator offers the ultimate control of color management workflow. As a result, you will get increased precision, color accuracy, and low light capabilities. It is faster than many similar models and achieves color precision within a couple of minutes or so.

The calibrating tool offers multiple options including photo, video, prepress, and scientific calibration standards.

Superior Colorimeter Technology – After years of research, Datacolor has come up with a lens-based color engine technology. It features newer functions to accurately measure color. Higher light sensitivity and advanced sensors provide precise screen color, white balance, and shadow detail.

Intuitive Software – A user does not have to be a techie or a color expert to use it. The intuitive software features One-click Calibration, Step-by-step Assistant, and Expert Console modes for quick calibration.

Light Sensor – The room light monitoring has an in-built ambient light sensor to measure the room light and adjust brightness and contrast accordingly. With 5 ambient light settings, it matches the color settings to ideal levels.

Before-and-After Evaluation – The Spyderproof function lets you see the difference by providing a before-and-after evaluation of your display. With just one click, you can see the before and after calibration to assess the difference and improvement.


  • Extensive selection of calibration options
  • Advanced Colorimeter Technology
  • Room light monitoring to recalibrate manually or automatically using custom profiles
  • Supports multiple laptops, desktop monitors, and front projectors
  • Before and after analysis
  • Display analysis function
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Compatible with many USB protocols


  • Lack the ability to maintain the same calibration

2. X-Rite i1 Display Pro

The manufacturer has claimed to provide the highest level of color accuracy for all screens including monitors and projectors.

It is loaded with advanced technologies and multiple user modes to provide color perfectionists with unrivaled color precision, speed, and control. Moreover, it uses advanced filters, optical systems, and amazingly fast measurement speed to properly profile and calibrate your displays.

i1Profiler Color Management Software – This top-of-the-line software offers flexibility and control with Basic and Advanced modes. The basic mode comes with predefined options for the quickest calibration. In contrast, the advanced mode has user-defined options for sophisticated profiling and calibrating.

Ambient Light Smart Control – This calibrator either adjusts the light levels automatically or notifies you as the lighting condition changes. This function determines the best display setting according to the room lighting.

Compatibility – It is compatible with many display and projection technologies such as LED, Plasma, RG Phosphor, OLED, and Wide Gamut.

Future Proof – It is recently upgraded to calibrate and support many future display technologies. It works across different display types for top-level color matching.


  • Exclusive PANTONE Spot Color optimization
  • 5X faster measurements than many similar devices
  • Recently including video color standards
  • Automatic Display Control (ADC)
  • Create a custom patch to optimize your profiles
  • Next generation i1Profiler software for calibration


  • Complicated user interface

How To Calibrate a Projector?

Here is a step-by-step guide to calibrating a projector with any of the aforementioned devices

Positioning Colorimeter

Place the sensor device at the right distance and height for the best visual outcome. Keep it in front of the projector, at least one foot away from the unit, and in the middle of the projection screen. Moreover, all the lights must be turned off while using the sensor device.

Connection With the Laptop

Connect the color meter and projector to the laptop.

Install Calibration Software

Ensure that calibration software is preinstalled, if not, do it immediately. Fortunately, the market is filled with many free and paid calibration software. The commonly used free software are HCFR and LightSpace DPS. These online tools help achieve outstanding color accuracy for free. For better results, invest in a paid tool with advanced functions and controls.


After choosing and installing projection calibration software, do some presets like choosing gamma level, screen size, and other things depending on the software.

Start The Calibration Process

Lastly, start calibrating the projector, it will take a few minutes. Once done, save the calibration process, and enjoy the improved image quality.


To sum up, both calibrators do the job remarkably well, however, both have some flaws. To choose from the two, our pick would be Datacolor SpyderX Elite whereas i1Display Pro is a close second. When weighing the benefits and drawbacks, SpyderX leads the race by improving the calibration of the projection without costing a fortune.


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