6 Best Projectors for MacBook Pro To Grab! [2024 Edition]

Searching for the best projectors for MacBook Pro? Having a hard time finding a reliable option online? Here are a few projectors that find the best for this job-

Best Projector for MacBook Pro

  1. Miroir M600 Full HD Pro Projector for MacBook
  2. ViewSonic Ultra-Portable LED Projector
  3. Yaber 5G Wifi Full HD Bluetooth Portable Projector
  4. Etoe 4K Supported 1080p Android TV Projector
  5. ViewSonic 1000 LED 1080p Portable Projector
  6. Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Projector

Here is the quick comparison table comparing all the listed projectors for you if you’re in a hurry-

FeaturesMiroir M600 Full HD Pro ProjectorViewSonic Ultra-Portable LED ProjectorYaber 5G Wifi Full HD Bluetooth Portable ProjectorEtoe 4K Supported 1080p Android TV ProjectorViewSonic 1000 LED 1080p Portable ProjectorMagnasonic LED Pocket Pico Projector
Display Resolution1080P480P1080P1080P1080P360p
Max. Screen120”100″250″ (100″ optimum)150″100″60″
Brightness600 LED Lumens120 LED Lumens9000 LED lumens600 ANSI Lumens1000 LED lumens25 ANSI lumens
Speakers5W speaker2W JBL speakerStereo speaker20W speakersDual Harman Kardon speakersSingle speaker
Lamp LifeUp to 30000 hoursUp to 30000 hoursUp to 100000 hoursUp to 160000 hoursUp to 30000 hoursUp to 20000 Hours

1. Miroir M600 Full HD Pro Projector for MacBook

Miroir is not as famous as Optoma, BenQ, and some other popular projector brands. However, it is quite not that unknown either. Ever since the brand started introducing more advanced projectors, it is gaining more and more popularity with every passing day.

Impressive picture quality

Whenever we go to buy a new projector, our main concern is its picture quality. Understanding the needs of the people, this brand has introduced this projector with the best picture quality. Because this is a 4K projector with 1080P native resolution expect it to project a highly impressive image.

Inbuilt speaker

Because projectors that have built-in speakers are in high demand these days, this projector also comes with mighty speakers. Now you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy an additional speaker because the inbuilt speakers are powerful enough to meet your audio needs without any aid.


This Miroir projector is made for iPad and MacBook Pro. Therefore, it can only be connected and used with the two devices.

This is a pro and a con at the same time. It is because if you ever have to connect the projector to some other device you might not find it very useful.


  • Supports up to 120″ screen
  • Serves up to 20,000 hours without requiring replacement
  • Projects bright, sharp, and vivid image
  • Compatible with MacBook Pro
  • Compact

2. ViewSonic Ultra-Portable LED Projector

ViewSonic does not need any introduction. We all are aware of the brand and its versatile products. Just like the other ViewSonic projectors, this is one worth-considering projector for a Macbook Pro.

Pocket-friendly design

The best thing about this ViewSonic projector is that it comes in a pocket-friendly design. You do not need to make much space for the projector to store and transport.

Cinematic picture and enhanced audio quality

This pocket-friendly projector offers the best of both worlds; audio and image quality. You do not need an additional speaker or a 100% light-controlled environment to produce quality sound and pictures. The sound of this projector is given by JBL, a brand that is prized for manufacturing the best speakers.


Since the design is travel-friendly, the projector comes with a powerful inbuilt battery. You no longer need to be somewhere near a reliable power source to connect it to the MacBook Pro and watch your favorite content.


  • Comes with a smart stand
  • Highly compatible with Macs, PC, smartphones, and most media players
  • Has a powerful inbuilt JBL speaker
  • Delivers bright, vivid pictures and crisp, clear audio
  • Affordable
  • Comes from a well-known brand
  • Highly reliable


  • Can only be used for screen sizes up to 80″

3. Yaber 5G Wifi Full HD Bluetooth Portable Projector

Yaber is also surviving in the highly competitive world and winning the hearts of millions of people across the globe.

Almost several Yaber projectors are worth considering. However, since we were searching for a projector compatible with MacBook Pro, here is the projector good for the job.

Impressive brightness and contrast

The projector uses 9000 lumens and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio to project a highly impressive image.

The brightness and contrast allow it to project an impressive image even in a not-so-light-controlled environment.


Just like the newer projectors, this Yaber projector also comes in compact packing. This makes the projector highly suitable for MacBook Pro owners who travel a lot and do not have much space to store the projector.


Fortunately, this projector is not only compatible with MacBook Pro. It is compatible with several other devices such as TV BOX, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast, PC, Laptop, Tablet, speakers, Xbox, DVD Players, Card Readers, USB sticks, Media players, iPad, iPhones, and Smartphones as well.


  • Supports Bluetooth connection
  • Easy to store, transport, and clean design
  • Impressively bright and vivid
  • Comes with powerful 6W built-in speakers
  • Has a zoom function
  • Runs up 100,000 hours without requiring lamp replacement
  • Backed by a 6-month money back and 3-year repair warranty


  • Not great for wireless streaming

4. Etoe 4K Supported 1080p Android TV Projector

Etoe is the least-known brand that truly deserves to be included in the list. It has got a bunch of powerful options. However, our concern is to get a projector for MacBook Pro, here is what suits our needs the most.

Netflix certified

Fortunately, this Etoe projector is Netflix certified. Therefore, you can consider this Etoe 4K projector for endless immersive cinema-like entertainment purposes. Watching movies and TV shows would be more fun on this Etoe Netflix-certified projector.


All the control buttons of this Etoe projector are given on the remote control. You can play, pause, and control the projector without moving an inch from the couch.

Remarkably clear

What I noticed using this projector is that it offers more clear pictures than the projectors being offered at the same price. It makes this Etoe 4K projector highly suitable for gaming as well.


  • Showcases 225%+ details more vividly
  • Allows you to stream 700,000+ movies without any hassle
  • Produces room-filling sound
  • Comes with a zoom function
  • Netflix-certified
  • Remote-controlled


  • Not a very well-known brand

5. ViewSonic 1000 LED 1080p Portable Projector

This is just another ViewSonic projector that I find highly compatible with MacBook Pro. It is not just compatible with the MacBook Pro but is a durable and highly reliable projector as well.

That’s why you will notice ViewSonic projectors in many best projectors list for example in the best bluetooth projectors list.


Just like the brand’s other projectors, this 1000 LED ViewSonic projector is ultra-portable. You do not need an extra room to store or face difficulty in transporting the projector from one place to another.

Simplified streaming

Besides being compatible with MacBook Pro, there is one thing that I like the most about this projector. It’s the simplified streaming options. You can watch your favorite movies and sports without any hassle.

Easy to set up

The 1000 LED projector is not just easy to store and transport but not hard to set up and use either. To make the setup even easier, the projector comes with a brief guide as well. All you have to do is read the guide, follow the instructions, and you are done!


  • Supports Macs, smartphones, and most media devices
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Deliver a perfectly proportioned lifelike picture
  • Short-throw lens projector
  • Get set up in a matter of minutes
  • Compact and lightweight like most of the ViewSonic projectors


  • A bit pricey

6. Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Projector

The last recommendation on the list is a Magnasonic LED pocket pico rechargeable video projector. It is just as worth considering as any other projector on the list. Here’s why;

Slim and small

If you judge the projector by its appearance you would be impressed by its pretty slim design and small size.

It makes the projector most convenient to use and transport. As per the manufacturer, this projector has got the title of the world’s smallest DLP projector.

Plug and play design

Since the projector is designed to accompany and entertain you everywhere you go, it is not complicated to install and use at all. To use it for any purpose, all you have to do is plug it into the other device using a cable and hit play.

Inbuilt audio system

Fortunately, it comes equipped with a powerful 1W speaker as well. This speaker is not mighty enough to fulfill the bigger needs. However, for small to medium needs, it is sufficient.


  • Can run up to 2 hours without requiring a recharge
  • Equipped with DLP light engine
  • Plug-and-play design
  • The package includes HDMI, Micro HDMI, MHL cables & Samsung Galaxy adapters


  • Not as bright as the other projectors on the list

How to Find the Right Projector for Macbook Pro?

It’s important to know and understand here that all projectors are compatible with many devices. It would hardly be mentioned in the title that the projector is compatible with MacBook Pro.

You have to investigate whether the projector is good for your needs or not. Here’s how you can investigate and find the best projector for Macbook Pro;


If you do not have to connect the projector to any specific device, it is not needed to figure out whether the projector is compatible with a MacBook Pro or not. Read the product description given on Amazon to know whether you have to shortlist the projector and investigate further or not.

Picture quality

The picture quality of the projector should always remain the main concern of every future projector owner. No matter what purpose you are purchasing the projector for, it must project an impressive image in all sorts of situations.

Think for a moment, why do we buy a projector? For a better and bigger picture, right? So, what would be the purpose of a projector if it can not project a bright and vivid image on a big screen?


There are two types of projectors in the market; one that comes with inbuilt speakers and the other that requires additional speakers to produce sound. Even if you do not need speakers at this point, the projector should have an inbuilt speaker regardless. What if you have to use a projector for some other purpose in the future that requires as impressive audio as a big bright picture?

In such cases, you can always pick up good Bluetooth speakers for your projector. That will ease up your pain by a big margin!

Mounting type

The mounting type can be ignored if you have room and money to install the projector in any way. However, if you already have a plan, you have to figure out how the projector can be mounted.

Lamp life

The lamp life of the projector should always be several thousand hours. Nowadays, there are even projectors that can run up to 100,000 hours without lamp replacement. If not 100,000 hours, try finding a projector that at least has 30,000 to 50,000 hours.


It is also important to make sure that the projector you choose to bring home supports Bluetooth and Wifi.

It is because almost all other devices connected to the projector now have a Bluetooth feature. Therefore, if the projector would not support Bluetooth and Wifi it would become hard to establish a connection with other devices.


Keep in mind that you do not necessarily need an overly expensive projector to fulfill your needs. Set a budget and find something under the amount you have set aside for the projector.

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