Yaber Y21 Projector Review in 2022

Yaber excels in producing reliable home and business models at a reasonable price. It has produced exceptional products over the years, Yaber Y21 is one of them. It is one of the bestsellers of the brand and became immensely popular in a short time.

This home theatre projector by Yaber is made with versatility in mind, it not only provides the convenience of home theater but lets you enjoy displaying enlarged, high-definition content from any space, living room, bedroom, backyard, or office.

Knowing what the projector entails will help you make the right purchase decision.

Yaber Y21 Review

With a high brightness level, contrast, resolution, and a lot of features, the projector offers a good viewing experience.

Watch movies indoors, outdoors, and in low light conditions with stunning picture quality.

It uses a superior, innovative German LED light source and top-quality components for durability and long-term use without replacement.

The prolonged lamp life makes it stay useful and operational for years without needing replacement.

Accurate colors and sharp images are some of the most important characteristics of a quality home theater projector. Luckily, the projector meets all the expectations of the users.

Features of Yaber Y21

The unit is packed to the brim with the latest features and technologies and implements advanced manufacturing processes for top-quality projection at a reasonable price.


The projector has a real native resolution of 1080p which means that it can project four times higher definition than the 720p.

It projects detailed, HD content without scaling or compression and supports 4K video playback.

With 1080p resolution, more pixels are fitted in the display for clearer and crisper images.

The unit’s chip has tens of thousands of reflective lenses that are quickly switched for displaying a vivid HD picture.

As most of you know, the higher the lumens, the brighter the projector and image. The brightness of Y21 is measured in lumens and stands at a whopping 9000L.

It is significantly brighter than average and provides more than 50% brightness with a bright LED light source and LCD display technology.

Unlike low brightness projector, it does not only have to be used in completely dark rooms but works well in semi-dark rooms or low-light conditions.


The high 8000:1 dynamic contrast ratio delivers images with fantastic clarity and sharp detail.

Enjoy deep black levels and brighter whites for vivid large screen projection and add more depth to your home theater experience.

Color Accuracy

Exceptional color reproduction and fantastic color accuracy are possible with superior optomechanical structures for a higher color gamut coverage.

Super color technology and a wide color gamut of 17 million projects with outstanding color accuracy.

Well-thought color wheel design has a positive effect on the projection quality and for color reproduction to meet international color standards.

Outstanding color accuracy is achieved as the unit supports a wider color palette.

Optical Coating Technology

It adopts the highest quality innovative 6-layer glass lens with optical coating technology to get the best video experience.

The high refraction glass lens allows superior light penetration and no virtual focus.

The larger aperture of the lens with low dispersion reduces the chromatic aberration for the clearer projection of HD content.

It is not possible to move the projection every time to focus the image. Therefore, the projector offers a focus ring and ±15° manual keystone correction to project a perfectly square image.

Without moving the projector to a different place, it lets you clear the projected picture just by rotating the focus ring or adjusting the keystone correction.


Y21 has the latest, motorized zoom facility to shrink the image via remote control. Select the “x_zoom” or “y_zoom” through the remote control and reduce the original image length and width up to 50%.

Instead of modifying the projection distance, the advanced motorized zoom function will help you adjust the image that matches the screen size.

The projector facilitates the number of projection screen sizes from as small as 45″ to as massive as 300″.

This wide range of image projection sizes can be displayed from the distance between 5.4 to 29ft.

However, the recommended distance for the best viewing experience is 10ft.

Cooling System

In order to extend the lamp life and improve heat dissipation, this projector has an advanced double-sided cooling system to do the job.

The projector uses intelligent temperature control technology which detects the internal temperature of the mainboard and the light source.

The dual-sided cooling technology adjusts the speed of the fan for heat dissipation and to prevent overheating. This system not only saves power but also extends the lifespan of LED lamps.


The integrated 3W dual speakers with an SRS sound system offer HiFi level stereo sound performance.

These double speakers give you an immersive experience and produce enough sound for home theater.

If not sufficient for a large gathering, there is an option to connect external amplifiers.

Lamp Life

The projector lamp life is multiple folds longer than the ordinary projectors. With the effective cooling system and heat dissipation, the LED lamp life is enhanced up to 100000 hours.

The latest SmartEco technology adds years to the overall lifespan of the projector. It works for decades when used for a few hours regularly. It ensures a low cost of ownership with no frequent lamp replacements.

It has multiple input options to support different devices with 2x HDMI, 2x USB, VGA, AV, and 3.5mm audio ports.

Dual HDMI and USB ports are commonly used to connect your laptop, Blu-ray Disc player, gaming console, and HDR.

It can also be connected to a TV Box, Amazon Fire Stick TV, Chromecast, PC, tablet, external speakers, Playstation, Xbox, DVD player, USB stick, media players, iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphone.


Yaber offers a 3-year repair warranty and a lifetime of professional technical support. So, if the user faces any issues or connection problems, feel free to call Yaber Customer Services and discuss the issue.

The projector is easy to operate and set up, it can be ceiling mounted and installed at odd angles thanks to the image adjustment feature.

Either mount it at the ceiling or place it on a level surface for installation. Configuring the settings is easy as the unit supports six different languages including English.

Connect Android, iPhone, and MacBook- If not any other device, connect these commonly used devices for projection.

The Android smartphone needs to have MHL support and requires the MHL-HDMI adapter for hooking up the projector and the smartphone.

Get lightning to HDMI adapter to set up a connection between the projector and the iPhone.

All it requires is the USB-C-HDMI cable to connect a MacBook or MacBook Pro to the projector.

All these aforementioned cables and adapters are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately.


Not a pocket-sized projector but it is designed to easily fit into a backup. The unit is easy to carry from room to room and measures 11.8 x 11 x 4.4 inches and weighs 5.7 pounds.

Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the projector specs into comprehensive pros and cons


  • High definition picture quality with 1920x1080p resolution
  • High brightness (9000L) and dynamic contrast ratio (8000:1)
  • 100,000 hours of LED projector lamp
  • 45″ to 300″ projection image size
  • Reduced the length and width of the original image with -50% zoom function
  • Superior optomechanical structures for conveying true colors
  • Packaged with HDMI, AV, and VGA cables
  • High-refraction 6-layer Glass Lenses
  • Comes with a lens cover
  • 3W dual stereo speakers SRS sound system
  • 4D vertical and horizontal keystone correction
  • Multiple image alignment features
  • Lifetime technical support and after-sales services
  • Advanced dual-sided cooling technology for heat dispersion
  • Easy to operate
  • Good design and build quality
  • Extensive range of connectivity options with 2xHDMI, 2xUSB, AV, Audio Out, and PC-RGB
  • Take the smartphone, iPhone, and MacBook to the big screen with an easier connection
  • Offers plenty of features at an affordable price


  • Only supports MP4 video format in USB
  • Can not play 4K content with USB connection
  • Loud fan
  • Image crispness tend to blur at the edges

Is Yaber Y21 Worth Buying?

Yaber Y21 is reasonably priced considering the native 1080p resolution, high brightness, and contrast ratio. It ensures easy setup and flexible placement with zoom facility and horizontal and vertical keystone with a one-click restore function.

It ensures easier connection with Android and iOS devices, however, it does not support Bluetooth and WiFi connection.

Triple-fan with SmartEco technology detects the temperature and controls the speed of the fan for heat dissipation.

The audio quality of the device is pretty decent, if not sufficient, external amplifiers can be connected. However, this unit does not support Dolby Digital sound.

It comes with multiple image optimization technologies and a wider color gamut. This projection unit offers a lot when it comes to projection and performance.


Like all other projector models, Y21 has its perks and limitations, whether you want to go for it or not depends on the personal requirements. It offers value for money, worry not, the price tag matches the features. Hopefully, you can make a better decision with all the valuable information about the projector.

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