Why is My Projector Screen Blue?

Staring at the Blue projector screen? Well, it happens sometimes. The good news is that the Blue Screen is not “really” a major issue. You do not have to call a professional or pack your projector and screen and take it to the professional.

It can be fixed easily at home without any hassle. However, to fix the issue you first need to know the cause. Want to know what should be blamed?

What Makes the Projector Screen Go Blue?

What I have learned in the decade of owning and running a home theater, the projector’s screen goes blue mainly due to two reasons. The reasons are;

  • The cables are connected improperly
  • An incorrect source is selected

I’m hundred percent sure, your projector is displaying the blue screen because of any of the two above-mentioned reasons.

You either have improperly connected the cables or selected the incorrect source. Let’s take an example, whenever we get confused, don’t our minds go blank? The same is the case with projector screens.

When the cables are not connected properly or the source is not selected carefully, it turns blue(goes blank not knowing what to do). Besides these two reasons, there is no other action that turns the projector screen blue.


What to do When the Projector Screen Turns Blue?

The first thing you need to do is stop panicking as this issue will be resolved in the blink of an eye.

Now you have to check all the cables and make sure the cables are connected properly to the right ports.

If still the issue remains unresolved, find and press the menu button on the projector’s remote and use the arrows to go to the appropriate option, select the appropriate option, and the issue will be resolved immediately.


The projectors can create many minor issues, blue screen is one of them. Usually, the cause of the issues is quite easy to fix.

The blue screen is often displayed due to two reasons; you have connected the cables improperly or selected the incorrect source. There can be no other reason for the blue projector screen. So, if you are facing the blue screen issue, try plugging in the cables properly and selecting the appropriate source.

To select the appropriate source you have to go to the “menu”, scroll down to the right option using arrows, select, and done. The issue will be resolved. You would be able to enjoy your favorite movies or games like you used to do.


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