Pyle Widescreen LED Projector Review

Been suggested to include the Pyle widescreen LED projector in your shortlisted options? Well, there must be something great about this projector that you have been advised to do so. Not sure what it is? Let’s find out together; Pyle Widescreen LED Projector

Pyle widescreen LED projector is agreed to be the most advanced yet economical projector. However, Pyle lags far behind other brands in terms of designs. Like other Pyle projectors, the design of this project is not very impressive.

If you are one of those people who get easily attracted by appearance then this projector will not impress you much.

One thing to keep in mind while buying a projector is that the design of the projector does not have to be unique, nor does the sound quality. It’s the image quality of the projector that has to be the best.

Pyle Widescreen LED Projector Features

Projectors are designed to project a bright and vivid image onto a screen, so their design does not have to be unique.

After testing many projectors from this company, I have concluded that this company is spending its valuable time on improving the image quality, upgrading connectivity, and bringing innovation. Therefore, while judging this Pyle widescreen projector you have to not pay much attention to the design.

Otherwise, you will easily overlook the image quality and some other important things. So, let’s ignore the projector’s design for a moment and review the best features in detail.

Image quality

Pyle’s invention is a high-definition video projector that has a native resolution of 800×600 and up to 1080p.

If you are not new to projectors, you can tell the 1080p and 4K projectors are both known to have the best image quality. Therefore, this Pyle home theater projector offers pretty impressive image quality as well.

Despite knowing the projector is 1080p I have tested the projector in both light-controlled and not-so-light-controlled environments, and it projected a fairly bright and vivid image in all conditions.

If you are looking for a projector that can throw you the best image in both favorable and unfavorable conditions, this would be a great option.

Lighting source

This ultra-versatile projector uses LED as a lighting source to form an image on a big screen. It can be used as an ambient light projector.

This advanced lighting source serves better colors, improved lifespan, and requires a little maintenance as compared to the other light sources. Other than that, it consumes less power and generates less heat as well.

Lamp Life

This Pyle projector is listed to have 50,000+ lamp life. If the projector is used normally, it will serve up to 50,000+ hours without requiring replacement. However, if you run the projector in economy mode all the time, it might even run longer than 60,000 hours.

In addition to image quality, lamp life is also the biggest concern of most projector users. You should be as concerned about the projector’s lamp life as well as you are about the projector’s image quality.

If your projector’s lamp life isn’t optimal, you won’t be able to use the projector for very long without replacing the lamp.

Before proceeding further I can not keep myself from saying that this is an excellent projector as its image quality and lamp life are worth admiring.


Another good part of this projector deal is that it comes with built-in speakers and ereader ability.

The company has not shared much information about the speakers online. However, since I have tested the projector thoroughly I can give you a hint about how the sound quality is.

To be honest, the sound quality is “satisfactory”, you would not need an additional speaker if the projector has to serve in a small to medium-sized room. However, for bigger needs, an additional speaker would be required.

It’s important to mention here that a projector having satisfactory sound quality is not a con at all.

The con would be bad image quality, as the speaker is just a plus the projectors are built to project better, brighter, and more vivid images on the screen.


The Pyle projector serves you all the connectivity options you need. It has 2 HDMI, component video, USB, VGA, and S-Video ports. So, you can connect the projector to almost all frequently connected devices without any hassle.


The company categorizes the projector as a “Home Theater Projector”. It is specifically designed and engineered to fulfill entertainment needs. Therefore, the projector is best to be used for movies and games. Surprisingly, it is not a bad choice for small professional needs as well.


Before revealing the price, I would say this is one fair deal. The projector has all the qualities one can ask for and the company is charging a fair price as well.

At the moment, the projector is being sold at $185(which is quite fair). However, if you choose to grab it at the Black Friday or Christmas/year-end sale, you would surely end up saving a lot of money.

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