How to Make Projector Quieter?

A noisy projector can be a deal-breaker for many home theater enthusiasts and spoils the quality of fun movie nights. Projectors have fans and moving parts, so they are bound to make noise.

However, that should not get in the way of a peaceful watching experience, therefore, we present some tips to make the projector quieter.

Follow them in a proper manner and you will see positive results.

How to Make Projector Quieter?

To enjoy peaceful movie viewing is to eliminate unwanted distractions, constant buzz, and noise.

The fan and moving components of the projector make a loud noise, sometimes, even louder than the desired levels.

Noise reduction can be achieved for a seamless movie viewing experience. Follow these measures to reduce the noise of the projector.

1. Lower Refresh Rate in Computer Settings

Refresh speed measured in hertz needs to be reduced so that the projectors do not have to work hard to display an image.

If the computer is set to display 120 images in a second, reduce the rate to make it display 60 images per second.

Ideally, the refresh rate should be from 40 to 60 hertz, this will help slightly reduce noise.

With half the refresh rate, the computer would not be working twice as hard to produce the image.

2. Clean Projector Vents

The projector fans bring in air to keep the projector interior cooler while running. Cleaning the projector from the outside is not enough, the dust stuck in the vents should also be cleaned.

These dust particles block the vents through which the air comes out. Take a toothbrush or vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the vents.

Whenever the projector is making a lot of noise, check the vents first, after a thorough cleaning, the noise will be significantly reduced.

3. Display in ECO Mode

In Eco mode, the projector would not be as bright as running in normal mode. Eco mode reduces brightness causing the engine to slow down to prevent it from getting hot and making a loud noise.

The fan has to work less in this mode, therefore, it makes less sound.

4. Check dBA rating

The noise level of a projector depends on different models. Some newer models are designed with multiple noise reduction technologies to make them quieter.

It is always better to check and compare dBA ratings, even a 10 dBA difference will equate to twice the loudness.

5. Keep the Projector At a Distance

Changing the position of the projector and keeping it at a distance will certainly make it less noisy.

In simple terms, the farther the projector, the quieter it gets. The noise level is reduced by 6 dBA upon doubling the distance.

6. Install a Hush Box

One of the most effective ways to avoid loud noise is to build a hush box and keep the projector inside.

The hush box is a wooden box that traps the sound while allowing better air circulation.

Place cooling pads under the projector to help it maintain the internal temperature. This way, the fan will produce a lower sound.

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7. Put Fabric on the Wall

Any fabric, preferably carpet, on the wall will absorb sound. Putting fabric on a wall makes sure no sound is reflected or thrown around. This may not be a practical solution for meeting rooms.

Keeping the projector in a well-conditioned room will make it quieter as the fan does not have to work hard to keep the projector cool.

Maintaining the temperature of the room is essential to keeping the noise levels in check.


With the aforementioned practices, you can make the projector a lot quieter and enjoy movies without any distractions.

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