Front Projection Vs Rear Projection Comparison

When you want your projector to project a high-quality video for a professional event, you have to choose between front and rear projection.

Front and rear projection affect the quality of the content being displayed.

To decide whether front or rear projection should be applied, you have to compare and find out what suits your needs more.

As it can be judged, in front projection light is reflected off the screen. Whereas in rear projection, light is diffused through the screen. That’s not enough to decide, there is more to know.

Front Projection

When getting a better visual display is your concern and the space is limited, front projection is considered.

In front projection, the projector is placed away from the screen above or behind the audience in some central position.

In front projection, most of the light is reflected this makes the projector project a better and crisper image.

The better visual display is one advantage why we choose to place a projector away from the screen somewhere in the center.

With all the strengths, the front projection has its weaknesses as well.

Limited screen size, disrupted images, noise issues, and a need to pay extra rigging services make the front projection questionable.

Rear Projection

If having more contrast in the image or video quality is your concern, rear projection is the best option.

In rear projection, the projector is placed behind the screen rather than installing it above or behind the audience.

When the projector is installed this way ambient light hits the screen, projecting a better brighter image.

Like front projection, rear projection is not all rewarding it has some issues as well.

Reduced noise level, low rental cost, and brighter image make rear projection a superior choice.

However, it requires more space and a special screen to project as per the user’s expectations.

Comparison Front Projection and Rear Projection

Since you have got the idea, comparing the two options have got easier. The front and rear projection can be compared by;

  • Brightness
  • Suitability
  • Space required
  • Viewing angle
  • Ambient light
  • Screen


When it comes to brightness if ambient light is well-controlled the front projection projects a perfectly bright image.

As you know, in rear projection the projectors sit behind the screen. So it does produce brighter and bolder images but not as brighter as noticed in the front projection.

However, this drawback(less bright image) gets compensated by the impressive grain material at the detriment of viewing angle.


You do not have to choose between front and rear projection once. It’s because the projection requirements can not be the same all the time.

Since with front projection, you get a breathtakingly brighter and crisper image that meets the criteria of business presentations.

However, the rear projection produces comparatively less bright yet bolder images, it’s best for the movies.

Space required

To project an image or video, projectors have to adjust in an appropriate space. Sometimes relevant devices are also needed to be adjusted with the projected.

A good amount of space is required for the setup. Arranging an appropriate space is not always easy.

If limited space is an issue, front projection is the best option. Whereas the rear projection setup requires more space.

This is just not the case, you have to be careful with a few more things as well.

Front projection does not require much space but it can only be installed at a place where no object or human is blocking the way of light.

However, in rear projection space is required behind the screen, no object or human at the front can disturb the view.


Viewing angle

Front and rear projection can also be judged by viewing angle. In both front and rear projection, light reaches the screen in breathtakingly different ways.

It greatly affects the viewing angle. In front projection, the matt white front projection rewards with good wide viewing angles.

Whereas the rear projection is a different case, it offers a narrower viewing angle.

Ambient light

Ambient light is another solid ground to compare the front and rear projection. The front projection produces a weakened image, it becomes clear and brighter only in the darker room.

The image produced in the front projection is great gets affected by the ambient light.

Whereas the presence of ambient light in the rear projection increases the contrast and saturation.

So, the rear projection handles the ambient light better than the front projection.


What is more worth knowing about the rear and front projection is that a regular screen can not be used for both front and rear projection.

You can use any cheap regular screen for front projection. Since the rear projection works differently, special screens are required to serve the purpose.

So, Which Projection is Better for You? Rear or Front?

Frankly, neither rear nor front projection takes all the points. Both have strengths and weaknesses.

When it comes to visuals, the rear and front both offer better image quality.

For outdoor purposes, rear projections are better and for indoors front projections remain unbeatable. So, which projection is better depends on the situation you are in.

If you have more space and the projector has to be installed outdoor, rear projection is the superior choice.

If the space is limited, the environment where projectors are about to be hanged does not receive much light, the front projection would be a fine idea.

If we still have to pick one ignoring all the factors that help you decide what goes well with the plan, rear projection is much better than front projection as it handles the ambient light quite well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which projection would be the brightest? Rear or front?

If we try to judge how the rear and front projection works, the answer is pretty clear. In rear projection is installed behind the screen whereas, in front projection, the projector sits in the front.

Moreover, in the front projection, the brightness gets affected by the objects placed in the way as well.

It can make the brightness on the screen uneven. Since in rear projection light is coming from the back, the images are more evenly brighter and bolder.

Is rear projection better than front projection?

Yes, the rear projection is much better than the front projection. However, if you have limited space and a dark room to install the projector in, the rear projection may not be a fine idea.

Is the front projection brighter than the rear projection?

No, the front projection is comparatively less bright than the rear projection. It appears brighter only in the darker environment whereas, in rear projection, the screen would be brighter even outdoors.

Is front projection better for the outdoors?

No, the front projection does not go well with the outdoor environment. The screen would not be as bright as it should be. Rear projection suits the outdoor environment more as images is brighter in rear projection and weaker in front projection.

What are the drawbacks of front and rear projection?

Front projection produces a weaker less bright image and gets affected by the object placed in the way. The rear projection also has got some flaws, it requires more space, a good outdoor environment, and a specialized screen to serve the purpose well.

Lastly, what do we have to say?

We would like to say that none of the two options is inferior or superior to the other. Both front and rear projection have pros and cons. If the environment is dark, the front projection would be a better idea however, if the space is not limited rear projection would be a much superior choice.


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