Fangor Projector Review in 2024

Before coronavirus hit the world, we used to go out and watch movies on a big screen while munching on movie theater popcorn.

As the corona situation started getting worse, we were forced to stay home to save lives. That’s when we needed to build our home theaters.

We were not allowed to go out and meet our loved ones, most of us took advantage of the situation and started watching movies at home.

We started turning our rooms into little home theaters. The demand for home theater projectors suddenly increased, and more and more companies started manufacturing and offering home theatre projectors at affordable prices.

Since the well-known projectors were quite expensive, the new and least known brands got a chance to make a mark.

Fangor was one of those brands that brought us some of the best home theater projectors.

Features of Fangor Projector Review

The Fangor projectors happen to have all the qualities people usually look for and the prices are quite affordable as well. Want to know why “exactly” the Fangor projectors are worthy of your consideration?


We all look for a projector that is bright and clear. However, still while hunting for a bright and clear projector we wish for a projector with a sleek and stylish appearance.

Most projector manufacturers have not “really” bothered to bring innovation into the designs.

The Fangor projectors have a pretty acceptable appearance so best for the iPad if not that stylish they do not have mediocre designs as well.

If I have to rate the Fangor projector’s designs, I would give them 8.5 scores out of 10.

Picture quality

Brightness and the contrast ratio determine how the projector’s image quality would be.Therefore, whenever we have to tell whether the projector has an impressive image quality or not, we have to judge it by the brightness and the contrast ratio.


It’s okay for a projector to have mediocre designs than to have a bad picture quality. Therefore, the projector should majorly be judged by it’s brightness and picture quality.

Upon using the Fangor projector, I concluded that it was noticeably brighter than the regular 480p projectors.


These projectors are impressively bright because they use upgraded LCD imaging technology and LED light sources. Therefore, the image turns out to be better than the regular projectors.

Contrast ratio

Furthermore, almost all Fangor projectors have high contrast ratio. The high contrast ratio means deep black levels and clear shadow details.

The high contrast ratio gives the picture quality a boost by adding depth and dimensionality to the picture.

Since the Fangor projectors have high contrast ratio, therefore the image would not just be bright but impressively better as well.

Lamp life

Having a projector with impressive lamp life is just as important as finding the brightest projector.

If a projector does not have impressive lamp life, you would have to show up for a lamp replacement every other day. It would be pretty annoying. Fangor projector is best for the basement.

Fortunately, the Fangor has got us covered. All Fangor projectors happen to have a lamp life between 30,000 to 80,000 hours.

Most of them have been noticed to have 60,000 hours of lamp life. Mostly the affordable projectors have 20,000 to 30,000 hours of lamp life. Since it’s hard to find an economical option with such an impressive lamp life, the Fangor have my blessings.


The Fangor projectors are made to facilitate us in every way possible. As the Fangor projectors have multiple HDMI, VGA, and SD cards, compatible with Roku, and AV ports therefore they can be said to be highly compatible with laptops, speakers, smartphones, tablets, and chrome books, USB, and flash drives. These projectors are best for Bluetooth too.


Just like other projector manufacturing companies, the Fangor has brought us some projectors with inbuilt powerful speakers.

A few low-priced Fangor projectors do have inbuilt speakers but they do allow you to connect external speakers.


As stated above, the Fangor projectors have amazing specs and super economical prices.

To be more specific, the most positively reviewed 1080p supported Fangor projectors are being sold at $109.99 and $189.99. Whereas, the well-known companies are not offering the same projector at a price below $200.

Fangor projectors, yay or nay?

Yay if you are not brand conscious and do not have budget issues. The Fangor projectors have all the qualities people usually look for, therefore there is no harm in considering Fangor Projectors.

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