Epson 1060 vs 1080 Projector Comparison

Epson is the most trustworthy projector manufacturing brand with a wide range of projectors for different purposes.

The Home Cinema range is quite popular among home theater enthusiasts thanks to multiple options within reasonable price ranges.

A couple of most talked about additions to this range are HC 1060 and 1080. Both these projectors are similar to each other in several ways, however, some key differences help you decide which one to get for your home cinema.

Epson 1060

This high-quality projector is bright, easy to use, and portable, it is small enough to pack in the bag and quite efficient to a quality image.

It serves as a dual-purpose projector that displays presentations during the day and is also great for movie nights at home.

A 3LCD projector with high color brightness and a wider color gamut delivers HD images with amazing color accuracy. Besides, it comes with several useful extras making the experience unique without losing image quality.

Epson 1080

It can be called the upgraded version of 1060 with enhanced features and state-of-the-art projection.

High resolution, true 3-chip, 3LCD technology, best color brightness, easy setup, and fast processing makes it a perfect choice for high-quality projection.

This dynamic, versatile projector offers a larger-than-life viewing experience at home.

High contrast ratio and brightness display bright, sharp visuals in dark and dimly lit environments.

Epson is a go-to choice for a variety of scenarios and spaces owing to the stylish design, impressive picture quality, and a list of amazing functions.

Connectivity is also not a problem as it supports both wired and wireless connections.

It supports versatile connectivity by allowing connection with multiple devices through several ports.

Epson 1060 vs Epson 1080

The main difference between Epson 1060 and 1080 is not just a few upgrades, read on to know what sets them apart.


Epson 1060 has 3100 color brightness and 3100 white brightness enough to project a pretty clear image in moderate lighting.

Epson 1080 takes brightness a notch further with 3400 white and color brightness for brighter visuals.

Even though this difference may seem insignificant, it matters when projecting in areas with ambient lighting.


Epson 1060 has a contrast ratio of 15000:1 for vivid, detailed projection without the loss of picture quality.

Epson 1080 wins the race here again with a 16000:1 contrast ratio, the image projected by this projector is sharper, clearer, and crisper.

Screen Size

Epson 1060 offers widescreen Full HD entertainment by projecting life-sized images up to 300 inches, up to 25 times larger than a 60-inch flat panel.

On the contrary, Epson 1080 displays a high-resolution 1080p picture up to 320 inches on any blank screen or wall.

Lamp Life

The LED light source of Epson 1060 has a service lifespan of 4500-7500 hours. The number of operational hours varies depending on the mode and the brightness level.

Epson 1080 takes the lead here by offering extended lamp life of 6000-12000 hours. It will last several years even if used regularly for a couple of hours or so.

Image Adjustment

Epson 1060 employs the efficient Quick Corner technology to adjust corners and project a perfectly square picture.

Epson 1080 has a built-in picture skew sensor that analyzes the alignment of the image and adjusts the keystone automatically to remove fuzzy edges and distortions.


Epson 1060 is lightweight and compact enough to tuck away in a bag for transportation or storage. It measures 11.9 x 9.8 x 3.4 inches and weighs 5.6 pounds.

Epson 1080 is a bit bigger in size than its counterpart as it weighs 8.2 lbs. It measures 14.57 x 14.96 x 7.87 inches and can also be transported anywhere for projection.


Epson 1060 comes at a reasonable price, given all the functions and projection quality.

Epson 1080 is a bit more expensive than the 1060 model due to the upgrades and some advanced features.

Which One is Better?

Both projectors are not quite different from each other and have nearly similar functions. Epson 1080 is the upgraded version of 1060 with higher brightness, contrast, and lamp life.

The user has to pay over $700 for these upgrades, it is up to you to decide whether these advancements are worth the price hike.

The increase in brightness level and contrast ratio is not quite significant, so, if you can work without these upgrades, opt for the 1060 model which is available for $600.

Both Epson 1060 and 1080 have 1080p resolution, 3LCD, 3-chip Projection Technology, a single built-in speaker, and compatibility with most streaming devices (Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV).


If you are struggling to choose between Epson 1060 and 1080 projectors, consider your requirements, budget, and the functions offered by these devices to make a better decision.

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